06 March 2020

This Saturday will be different, but the same

Greetings, all ye earthlings! :)

Here are several reasons this Saturday will be different:

We are handing out new music (see below), and collecting old music (Mars, Jupiter, Narnia, anything else you still haven't turned in from your folders). Bring your folders! If you ended up with extra music after Abravanel Hall and the craziness, bring that too! A couple people had missing music after the chaos.

There will be no sectionals. We are reading new music and getting a feel for what we are planning to learn for our April 23rd concert.

We will discuss our performance at Abravanel Hall.

There will be some seating changes, especially in the strings. It's time to mix things up a bit! Look for your card to be in a different place!

We will listen to clips from the music we will be playing. For a sneak preview, here's what we're handing out:

Conus Violin Concerto - Natalie Nef's piece (This will have a large cut in it - like 300 measures - so we're not playing the whole thing)

Salute to Broadway - for the old people in the audience! Your grandparents will love it!

Star Wars Through the Years - An official recording of this is not yet available, although there's one online called the Star Wars Saga with the same sequence of music, albeit for band. So we might have to wait until tomorrow to hear it for real! 

Lord of the Dance Hardiman arr Moore (to combine with Chamber) This recording has weird beeps in it because it's a sample, and then fades out half way through. Ugh. Here is a short clip of the end of Lord of the Dance when we performed it in 2014.  There are other (likely illegal) videos of it on Youtube as well.

Here are the reasons this Saturday will just be business as usual:

Doors open at 8 am, lock again at 11:30. Come help with setup! And please don't prop the door open unless you're going to unprop it too!

Rehearsal runs from 8:30 to 11:00. 

Thanks again for all the people who made our performance at Abravanel Hall come together! We are proud of you!


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