01 March 2020

Last Minute Details for Abravanel Hall

If you need to read over the info again (which you should all do tonight!) here is the page with all the info. Below, I've tried to answer all the questions people have asked me separately.

Wear your concert black all day. Just wear it. I know. I hear ya. Wear it anyway. 

If you bring food, make it all disposable, and only bring water to drink. NO eating in the auditorium!

Call time
Arrival deadline for those not coming to the full session is at least 15 minutes  BEFORE we go to the green room (that's after you find parking!). Our green room time is 3 pm, and our performance time is 3:30 pm. Our students who perform in Ogden Youth will walk around the back of the stage and re-enter the stage for the Ogden Youth performance at 4:00. If we finish our pictures before they are finished performing, be sure to only walk in between numbers, and sit quietly while they finish. Don't try to pack up your instrument until after their performance is over!

Cellos on the bus
On the bus, we have enough room on the bus that we will not be taking a separate van with cellos. Each person bringing a cello will have a seat for the cello on the bus. We are also working out hauling two basses in a van for the two people bringing basses and riding the bus. Small instruments can also go on the bus, and large brass instruments can go in the storage under the bus.

Bus Stops & The Wonderful Mom on the Bus
Please be at your bus location (if you're riding the bus) early. Ms Jenn Dabb (Tanner the horn player's mom) will be riding the bus and checking people off as they get on. If you are curious about where the bus is (It's hard to tell what time it's going to be places), here is her number - 435.730.1876.

Re=Read the Info!
See you all down there! Be sure to re-read the info for tomorrow (yes, I'm making you re-read it and here's the link to the PDF if you don't want the link to the webpage which is above) so that you know where we are sitting and where our large instruments go and where our cases go. The requirements are from the fire marshall. It makes no difference to me if other groups follow the rules, but we will follow the rules. Fill the rows, like walk all the way to the middle and the end of the row, and put your cases in front of you.

If you do not receive texts from me through remind, you'll want to sign up tonight since tomorrow the only way I will have to contact all of you at once is through that. It comes as a text from a funny phone number - 605-370-5906. I've sent out a couple dozen this year, and if you haven't received any, text "@nuys" (without the quotation marks) to 81010. Then you will receive messages if I need to send them ( for instance, last year our seating rows changed at the last moment... I sent a remind for that)

Spectators are welcome at Abravanel Hall! There are designated rows for them on the info sheet (linked at the top of this email). There is NO CHARGE. Admission is FREE. You can just attend our time slot, but you should plan to be early since sometimes the festival runs early. 

See you all tomorrow! Read the info!

And travel safely!



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