13 March 2020

Going Forward - Rehearsal Canceled for Tomorrow

The symphony board met last night and a very difficult decision was made. We will be suspending rehearsal this weekend, and will continue forward on a week-by-week basis. Please continue to read my very exciting emails to keep up with this "rapidly changing situation". 

The All-Star Concert that several of our students are involved in has been canceled for next week (but not their mentoring sessions this week), along with everything taking place at Abravanel Hall at least through March 28. I'm sure you've also heard about universities, the NBA, March Madness, and Disney shutting down. (All I can say is it's surreal. We are not afraid; we are just doing our part to contain the virus.)

Concert Date - also a changing situation
Likewise, the Box Elder High School Auditorium has been closed to any event involving the public, until further notice. Our April 23rd concert is included in that category, and when they decide to open the auditorium again, we may be facing a change of date! Please be aware of this and we will do our best to make sure this final concert happens, if at all possible!

Come Get Your Music
In the meantime, if you missed rehearsal last week and didn't get your new music, let's arrange to get it to you! You are welcome to pick it up, or I can even mail it to you -- good old snail mail! I will work through contacting each individual and making arrangements, but it would be even better if you reach out to me first. Let's at least act like this is going to happen and we're going to be able to put on our final concert. 

Our pieces are still the same, Conus concerto, Star Wars Through the Years (talk about some wicked rhythms!), Salute to Broadway (this will now be the combined piece with Chamber), and Lord of the Dance. If you are disappointed that there is not enough "classical" music in this program, think again. We are up for a challenge, especially with the rapidly changing situation. 

Going Forward
Thank you all for your patience and especially for your awesomeness! Also, let us know if you do get sick and if you have the virus. That could also affect how soon we meet again.

Have a lovely weekend! And practice that music ... if you have it!

Julie, Mr Dunn, the board


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