27 February 2020

This Saturday's Rehearsal + Abravanel Hall Notes


This Saturday's rehearsal will not include sectionals. We will begin the day with the Narnia and Mr Dunn will let you know the order from there. He will likely work on things and then come back to them.

I still have a few people who have not let me know what their plans are for Monday. I hope to have everything work out well! If you're still in deciding mode, just realize that even if you come for just the performance, you are important to us! I'll likely still be bugging a few people on Saturday. 

Monday's schedule is still as it was last week. That is, we go to the Green Room at 3, perform at 3:30, and the Ogden Youth Symphony performs at 4. Sorry to Ogden Youth players! I tried. 

If you need to see the info again, here is the PDF. Couple of things to note: Bring a lunch. Brown bag style. For drinks, only WATER. 

Thank you all so much for being awesome! 



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