14 February 2020

This Saturday, plus several REALLY IMPORTANT announcements

Please read this whole email. ;)

This Saturday's Schedule
This is our last rehearsal at Promontory School for our concert! Do your VeRy BeSt to attend this rehearsal! 

Mr Dunn asks that you understand that this rehearsal structure is subject to change, as needs arise. 

Also, pretty please, put your phones away during rehearsal!!!!

Full Orchestra to start - First 15-20 minutes on The Planets

Lark Ascending will be next, and those who do not play may go to sectionals, as directed by your section specialists (they may have you separate or together, so just listen for their instructions)

After we work on Lark Ascending, we will go back into The Planets

Nigun will be last, about the last half hour. If you have questions about anything in that nasty handwritten music, please ask. We may be able to help you! Here is a link to Joshua Bell playing the Nigun. Please listen to this over and over until it invades your dreams. Or at least a couple times before tomorrow. 

Concert Next Week

We have posters and pass-along flyers for you to take tomorrow. If you take them, don't leave them in your folder! Use them to invite people to the concert!!!

MUSIC: We will NOT collect folders after the concert (see Abravanel Hall, below), but we WILL COLLECT  all the rental music (Lark and Nigun) after the concert. And we need 100% of it back. There will be a box for it, as well as people standing around in the band room and the backstage area, begging for you to turn in that rental music!!! 

If you have questions about ANYTHING, please ask!

Here is the schedule for Logan High, February 22nd: 
Set Up - Noon - Let's be ready to rehearse early!
NUYS Rehearsal on Stage - 12:30 to 2:15
NUYCO Rehearsal on Stage - 2:30 to 3:30
Concert - 4:00 pm (admission is free)
Ending time - by 5:30 pm
Concert Attire
A reminder that we wear a sort of uniform called "Concert Black" which means a tux equivalent for the guys and black all over for the girls. Black socks for the guys, that are long enough to cover when they sit on stage, and black tights or stockings for the girls. This makes the sight of the orchestra much nicer. Remember that they are looking up at your ankles and knees from the audience! Here is the official concert attire description. Note that chamber's outfit is different than ours. If you need a black bow tie, now is the time to get one! 

Abravanel Hall
We have our schedule for Monday, March 2nd, at Abravanel Hall! We will be playing in the afternoon session which starts at 1 pm and runs until 4:30 pm. Our performance time is LAST. We play at 4:00. Those involved in Ogden Youth Symphony play at 2:30. I will send a separate email with details; however, I wanted you to know so you can rest easy that the day has been planned. 

Our bus will arrive at the Perry Walmart at 11 am, and will stop at Farr West, Venture High, and Riverdale before heading south to Salt Lake. You will be given the opportunity to sign up for the bus (or not) when all the information is published.

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