07 February 2020

Announcements for Tomorrow's Rehearsal etc


Tomorrow's rehearsal
8:30 Sectionals
Woodwinds and Brass TOGETHER in the woodwind area
Harps in their normal location
Strings all together in the gym
9:00 Lark Ascending
All additional musicians may remain in sectionals
9:30 -- 5 minute break
9:35 The Planets
10:35 (or thereabouts) Bloch (Nigun)

About rehearsal: In order to avoid lengthening our rehearsal time, everybody needs to arrive ready to work hard and stay focused. There will be one 5 minute break (on the schedule above). Other than that, if you need to use the bathroom, please take care of yourself and return quickly. 

Concert Schedule for Logan High, February 22nd.
Set Up - Noon - Let's be ready to rehearse early!
NUYS Rehearsal on Stage - 12:30 to 2:15
NUYCO Rehearsal on Stage - 2:30 to 3:30
Concert - 4:00 pm (admission is free)


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