21 February 2020

And the Concert is Tomorrow!


Concert Tomorrow, Feb 22, Logan High, 4 pm
One more rehearsal, next week, Feb 29, Promontory School, 8:30 to 11:00
Youth Symphony Festival, the following Monday, Mar 2, Abravanel Hall, 1-4:30 pm

Tomorrow's Schedule:
Morning: Men: If you don't already have a black bow tie, go buy one!
Load in before Noon
Noon - Set up stage
12:15 - call time for rehearsal (we may start early if we're ready!)
12:30 - about 2:15 NUYS Rehearsal onstage - Casual Dress is fine! 
Rehearsal order will be the same as concert order: Lark, Nigun, Mars, Jupiter
3:30 - call time for the concert!
4:00 - concert! Free admission

Abravanel Hall is a week from Monday:
Your permission slips are DUE BY TOMORROW! If you haven't turned in or filled out the permission slip for Abravanel Hall, you can do it online. You can either print it off from a PDF (see bottom half of page 2) and fill it out, then take a picture, scan it, or turn it in to me tomorrow, OR you can fill out the online version, no printing required. I recommend the latter.

The performance schedule has changed. They have currently moved us to 3:30, with Ogden Youth at 4. I have requested an adjustment since we have overlap, and will let you know if it changes again. But just be aware that the schedule is subject to change!  Here is the link to all the info for the day, with the current/latest schedule change included.

And, lastly, if you have ANY QUESTIONS, please ask! There may be others with the same question!

See you tomorrow!


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