10 January 2020

NUYS Announcements for 11 January 2020


Please read all the announcements this week. There are some differences from previous weeks.

Rehearsal Schedule
8:30 - Sectionals - come early to set up so sectionals can start on time

Woodwinds & Brass in their regular locations (WW right hallway, to the left and Brass left hallway to the right)

Strings separate at 8:30, then combined in the gym at 9:15
Violin 1 on stage, Violin 2 across from WW, Viola in entry hall, Cellos in gym, Basses by the art room, Harps in the same room as last week

9:30 - Lark Ascending Rehearsal
This leaves a group of people out in the hall, or continuing to practice, but Chamber sectionals take precedence for space, so you might need to bring UNO cards! Harps can stay in their area during this time. Doing Lark Ascending early will help Mr Dunn endure the rehearsal. Last time the conducting wore him out! He thanks you all for your kind patience in this matter.

9:55 - Planets

9:40 - Nigun (2nd movement) from Baal Shem
This is the new piece that will be handed out tomorrow. Rebecca Hales will be our soloist. The score does not include trombones or tuba, (but there is a harp part!) so although you have to wait through Lark Ascending, we will not make you wait through this one. 

A note about the music: It is a rental and the sheet music must be safeguarded with great care. Especially keep it from being crumpled or exposed to food, and any marks must be in pencil and be very neat and tidy!

Homework - Very Important
Please go to the following Youtube links before rehearsal and watch so you are familiar with the music. This will make or break our time on this piece tomorrow!
This is the Nigun performed by Itzhak Perlman with piano accompaniment. Totally worth your time!

Saturday, February 22nd, Concert at Logan High
Last call for any conflicts or concerns about setting the time for 4 pm. We will be setting the rest of the dress rehearsal schedule this week!

Recital Night
Our recital is tomorrow night, 6:30 pm in the Brigham City Tabernacle. For performers to warm up or run short bits with their accompanist, I will be there to facilitate that at 5:30. 

Our program will be as follows: 

Utah Symphony All-Star Concert FYI
Each year when we perform at the Youth Symphony Festival at Abravanel Hall (which will be March 2nd this year), we qualify to nominate some of our musicians to perform side-by-side with the Utah Symphony in a special concert designed specifically for them. Due to some scheduling difficulties, this year's concert will be much earlier than in previous years. The date is Thursday, March 19th. The rehearsals will begin 4 weeks prior to the event, which means those who participate will be already rehearsing before we go to Abravanel Hall for the festival that qualifies us to participate. This will only apply to a small number of players, generally seniors, but I wanted to make sure you knew about it, especially because of the changes that have been made. I will be attending the meeting in Salt Lake this afternoon to find out who we can nominate. 


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