01 January 2020

Free Music! (again)

Hello Music Teachers! 

This is Josie Anderson; I'm the Managing Assistant for the Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society. I work closely with Julie Gardner. In August, Julie and I sent an email to all of you offering a large collection of free music located in Julie's garage. Thank you to those who came, looked through the collection, and took some music home! 

There are still over 800 folders full of music left unclaimed. Please look through THIS spreadsheet; notice the tabs at the bottom. In the left tab you will see everything in one place, and in the many other tabs, I have put together separate lists by category. As music is claimed, I will update the spreadsheet with a strike-through on the music no longer available. 

Please have a look and let us know if there's anything you would like! The only thing we request is that if you claim it, we will send you an address, and you pick it up in a timely manner! Any music left unclaimed by the end of February will be advertised on KSL Classifieds or recycled.

Here's hoping that by doing this, we can give back to the music community that has supported us for so many years!

Feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested! 

Thank you. Feel free to reply to this email or text me (Josie) anytime with questions.

Josie Anderson, Managing Assistant of the Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society (435) 452-8173
Julie Gardner, Managing Director of the Northern Utah Youth Symphony (435) 740-4335 


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