15 November 2019

Saturday Details


Here are some reminders and helpful info for tomorrow.

If you missed the previous info about parking at Ogden High, and other great info, see it here. Note that the schedule has been revised below, however. 

Here is the latest, greatest schedule for tomorrow:

10:00 am Julie arrives with percussion equipment and starts setting up. Anyone who wants to come this early is welcome. 
10:30 am help set up stage
10:45 am call time for NUYS people playing in the concerto orchestra
11:00 am concerto rehearsal
11:15 am call time for all other members of the orchestra
11:30 am full orchestra rehearsal
1:15 pm (approximately) NUYS break begins
2:30 pm call time for the concert
3:00 pm concert
4:15 pm (approximately) concert ends, cleanup begins. 
Please help by picking up in the auditorium, and striking the stage. 

Also tomorrow, if you can make it: 7:30 pm Cache Symphony Concert at USU (Mr Dunn is the Concertmaster)

Clothing: Wear what you want to the dress rehearsal, but wear official concert attire to the concert. Let us know if you have questions. This has already been discussed. 

Music: All music folders will be turned in after the concert. You will not receive your folder again until the next rehearsal, 11/23. Turning in your music is a really big deal. If you forget to bring it or know you won't be turning it in, let me know immediately. I leave town on Sunday!

Next week: Next week's rehearsal will be at the regular time, 8:30 to 11:00 am. Josie will be there to hand out new music. It will be read-through of the new music. In your folders will be Jupiter and Mars from The Planets, and The Lark Ascending by Vaughan-Williams. There will be a third piece we will hand out in January, Bloch's Baal Shem, which is Rebecca Hales' ConcertoI will be out of town, so please excuse me yet again. I'm sorry to miss! This is the one I had planned to miss all along. Last week was for a funeral. Thanks!

Messiah Music: If you are playing Messiah, keep your Messiah music so you can practice during the week! Do NOT leave it in your folder!

See you all tomorrow!



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