07 November 2019

Last Regular Rehearsal for this concert...


Sorry this is later than usual. Hopefully everyone gets the message!

I am in St George for a funeral, and will not be at rehearsal this Saturday. Josie Anderson will be running rehearsal. Please be extra helpful and come early to help her set up!

Please be sure to use the attendance form if you will be absent, arriving late or leaving early. The link is at the bottom of every email.

If you are not playing the concert, you should have already talked to me about it, and your folder needs to be turned in to Josie this Saturday.

Please review concert attire and be prepared for next Saturday.

Schedule was posted in a previous email for Nov 16, the day of the concert. Our Dress Rehearsal is 11 to 1:15. We will be reserving the first 30 minutes for Stamitz. All musicians must be prepared to enter the stage quietly by 11:30 am.

Be sure to promote the concert to your friends and family! It's Free to attend. 

Mr Dunn has requested the following schedule:

8:30 to 9:00 Sectionals for woodwinds and brass. Get warmed up, and spend focused time on any problems. Strings will stay together in the gym.

9:00 to 9:50 Midsummer Night's Dream

9:50 to 9:55 Break

10:00 to 10:40 Narnia

10:40 to 10:50 Tintinabulations

10"50 to 11:00 Stamitz 

Messiah rehearsal following.

See you next week!


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