31 October 2019

This Week's Rehearsal Announcements.


The countdown is on. We have 2 regular rehearsals left, plus the dress and the concert.

The retreat was valuable last weekend for the sheer number of hours of rehearsal. But by the end we only had half the orchestra left! So this week is all about putting the ensemble back together.

Please arrive with the intention to be super focused with your mind and your heart in the music. Put your phones away. Set them so they will not buzz at you. Airplane mode works well! 

The idea that we can be fully focused while multitasking is a fallacy. You will never be fully focused if you don't stick to the task at hand.

Here is the schedule for Saturday:

We will keep everyone together. No sectionals scheduled. Our theme this week is all about ensemble. Playing as a team.

Scales & warm-up - 8.30 to 8.45
Mendelssohn - 8.45 to 9.45
Break - 9.45 to 9.50
Narnia - 9.50 to 10.50
Tintinabulations - 10.50 to 11.00

Stamitz people - Mr Dunn would like 5 minutes with you after rehearsal - this will be 4 people in each string section, 2 horns (Tanner & Graeme), 2 oboes (Elly & Alexis).


The schedule for the Messiah rehearsal this coming Saturday, November 2nd is the following: 

11:15 - Noon: strings and trumpet
Noon - 12:45: strings, trumpet, and bass soloist, Bill Weaver

The music we will focus on is the following:
   #5 - Thus Saith the Lord (with bass soloist)
   #6 - But Who May Abide the Day of His Coming? (with bass soloist)
   #12 - For Unto Us a Child is Born
   #17 - Glory to God
   #44 - Hallelujah
   #47 - Behold, I Tell You a Mystery (with bass soloist)
   #48 - The Trumpet Shall Sound (with bass soloist)
   #53 - Worthy is the Lamb - Amen

Symphony youth:  please bring water and a snack to boost your energy

Thank you for making this very special performance possible.

Doris D'Asto
435 730-5417

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