13 September 2019

Rehearsal Notes


Construction Notes: 
If you are coming from the North, like from Sardine Canyon, you can still turn right on 2700 S (The street with Promontory School).

However, if you are coming from the south, you will want to turn left on 3000 South and go around the "block" to get to the school. (Left on 3000 South, right at the next 2 stop signs, and the school will be on your left). Either that or you'll have to drive past the construction and turn around to get to the school. Good luck! :)

Rehearsal Notes:
For our first rehearsal tomorrow, we will meet all together the whole time. You will come, find your spot, help set up chairs. (Stands with name cards and music will all be set out for you, but the chairs are your job!) So please arrive early.

The order of our repertoire for rehearsal purposes will be:

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
The Overture to a Midsummer Night's Dream
The Karl Stamitz Clarinet Concerto

We will rehearse our pieces in this order because the instrumentation drops off after each one, down to just strings, two horns, and oboes for the concerto. So it will be the agenda for each rehearsal as we prepare for this first concert.

Starting next week, we will split into brass, woodwinds, and strings sectionals for the first hour of rehearsal. 

But tomorrow, we will be all together from 8:30 to 11:00. Don't worry. There will also be a break!

Please be sure to fill out the attendance form if you have attendance issues, including arriving late or leaving early (be sure to put the time in the comments). (link to attendance form is in the signature at the bottom of every email). 

Thanks and see you tomorrow! Do let me know if you have questions.If you're wondering about something, then someone else is likely wondering about it too. :)



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