31 August 2019

Audition Results

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Northern Utah Youth Symphony and Chamber Orchestra!

We are grateful for all who auditioned so far. This is not a final list as we are still receiving other auditions via uploaded video. But if you are on the list, you are accepted into that particular orchestra! If you have questions or concerns, please contact us! We have done our utmost to be thorough, but sometimes we make mistakes. 

Our first rehearsal is September 14th! Plan on it!

If you did not receive the audition packet, here is a link to all you missed.

Again, thank you for your patience!

Julie Gardner, NUYS Manager
Conrad Dunn, NUYS Conductor

Jenny Murrow, NUYCO Manager
Nathan West, NUYCO Conductor

And all those working behind-the-scenes to make this happen!

NUYCO - Northern Utah Youth Chamber Orchestra
This list is in no particular order

Maddison Griffin
Eveline Malmborg
James Craner
Anna Lyman
Tabitha Merrill
Barrett King
Anne Duncan
Brianne Murrow
Rebekah Christensen
Andrea Gibbs
Isaac Sealy
Elizabeth Duncan
Parker B/runer

Sabina Akelbek
Alexia Nielsen
Caleb Christensen
Eden Emerson
Katarina Hill

Corbin Sealy
Garrett Murrow
James Palfreyman
Erika Hankins
Mathieu Pace
Kirk Nielsen

NUYS - Northern Utah Youth Symphony
This year, our concertmaster will be Rebecca Hales! After years as our highly capable principal second violin, she is well prepared to lead our first violin section! Congrats, Rebecca!

Also, this is not a final list! We are waiting for auditions from several other people, including another French Horn, another Harp, and a few more violins. Recruit your friends to bolster to our Trumpet and Trombone sections. And if you know a youth who plays bassoon, make sure that bassoonist knows about us! We hope to play pieces from The Planets this year, and we need a large orchestra!

On this list, the woodwinds and brass are in seating order, but the strings are in no particular order (actually, they're alphabetical). 

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work out seating! We will follow up with another email in the next week with repertoire and more details.

NUYS List Updated 9/20/2019
Camilla Burnett
Lenore Barlow
Eleanor Wheelwright
Kaitlyn Farr
Libby Tarbert

Eleanor Nelson
Alexis Jensen
Archer Crawford

Ashley Montgomery
Ayanna Briggs
Cambria Farr
Aaron Watkins

Ethan LaDuke​

French Horn
Tanner Chipman
Graeme Carver
Jackson Healy
Joshua Ahlstrom
Fabricio Garcia

Daniel Seeholzer
Jacob Rockwood
Milton Farr

Dawson Pitcher
Christian Watkins

Maddox Lister
Aiden Israelsen
Cameron Shirts

Harp (as needed)
Ambree Burggraaf
Rose Nicholson

First Violin
Rebecca Hales (Concertmaster) 
Kelby Avery
Eliziabeth Black
Jeremy Gerritsen
Jocinda Hales
Meaghan Hankins
Katerina Mayerle
Hannah Meeks
Natalie Navarro
Natalie Nef
Clarissa Palfreyman

Second Violin
Bethany Christensen
Grant Christensen
Anjali Edwards
Stephen Hales
Kendal Jensen
Sarah Jeppson
Olivia Johnsen
Jacob Lund
Thomas Palfreyman
Quin Powell
Jayden Quinn
Sydney Simmons
Cassie Smith

Aleesa Barker
EmmaLee Folsom
Preston Hindman
Carter Johnson
Talmage Kay
Ashley Littlefield
Erik Petersen

Kai Bowen
Ally Bruner
Bailey Connell
Hailee Dubovik
Samantha Howell
Thomas Hoyt
Dallin Murrow
Jayme Mylott
Samuel Palfreyman
Hannah Peterson
Abby Quintana
Nicholas Scott
Emma Tracy
Brielle Webb

Emma King
Tyler Morgan
Benjamin Rich
Luja Wilhelmsen

20 August 2019

Audition Reminder and Details

Greetings fellow musicians,

Here is a gentle reminder that if you haven't signed up to audition this Saturday, please do. Our morning is full, our afternoon is not. 

Here is the NUYS Audition Page with all the scale requirements and  orchestra excerpts. Download, print, practice, come prepared!!!

We much prefer for you to audition in person. However, we do offer an option for you to submit a video. If you are sending a video, please fill out the membership form (linked on the NUYS Audition page), and then use our handy-dandy form to submit your video. Click Here for the Video Upload form.

Last Tuesday, we sent posters to every school, so if you are at school and don't see our poster in the band or orchestra room, go ask your teacher if it came in the mail! We will have extra posters at auditions this Saturday for you to take and post in case the posters didn't end up where they were supposed to go.

Please contact me if you have any questions! This is going to be a great year! So excited to get things started!

Have a Musical Day!



17 August 2019

Concerto Audition Results

Congratulations to all who auditioned for concertos this year! 

It is always such an inspiring morning to hear and see how hard everyone has worked over the summer. Music is such a blessing!

Our concerto soloists this year will be:
Natalie Nef, Violin
Rebecca Hales, Violin
Ashley Montgomery, Clarinet

We have not assigned your individual concert, but dates will be assigned in the next few weeks. 

You will be receiving in the mail an after-audition packet (that I meant to hand to each of you today!) and comments from our adjudicators. 

We so appreciate your time and effort! You are all amazing!

Julie Gardner


09 August 2019

The Satisfied Conductor

Just for fun! Especially since it's fun to spoof Mr Dunn!

Come Play With Us! 
Click NUYS Auditions for Youth Symphony.
Click NUYCO Auditions for Chamber Orchestra.

02 August 2019

Audition Times

Concerto Auditions Schedule

When: August 17th, 2019
Where: Box Elder Seminary Building, 355 S 600 W, Brigham City

Here is the schedule:
Time NameInstrumentPieceComposer
8:45Sarah JeppsonViolinViolin ConcertoMax Bruch
9:00Ashley Montgomery ClarinetClarinet Concerto No.3 in B-flat majorCarl Phillip Stamitz
9:15Kristene Murrow ViolinConcerto C major for violinKabalevsky
9:30Alexis JensenOboeConcerto for oboe and stringsCimarosa
9:45Rebecca Hales ViolinBaal ShemErnest Bloch
10:00Jacee Taylor PianoPiano concerto no 3 opus 50Kabalevsky
10:15Natalie NefViolinConcerto in E minor for violinConus

  • Arrive early enough to get warmed up and be comfortably ready for your assigned time.
  • The building will be open at 8 am. I will unlock both the front and side doors.
  • You may use any room with a piano to warm up with your accompanist
  • If you move something, replace it.
  • We will let you know upon arrival which room will be the audition room. (We like to test the pianos before choosing!)
  • Fill out the membership form before August 17th if you haven't already!
  • Concerto auditions exempt you from membership auditions on August 24th.
  • If you are chosen, you are responsible for a short bio and photo to be turned in 2 months before your assigned concert.
  • If there is a particular concert (Nov 16, TBD in Feb, Apr 23) that would be difficult for you to perform at, be sure to let me know ahead of time.
  • We will publish the results of the auditions by the end of the day on Saturday, August 17th, via email.
  • Let me know if you have any questions!



01 August 2019

Auditions Coming Up!

Hello all ye awesome musicians!

Quick reminder that it's time to fill out the membership form, read through the audition requirements, download your orchestral excerpt, and sign up for an audition time! We are just over 3 weeks out! I can't believe summer has gone so quickly!

Chamber auditions are the same day, and The NUYCO audition page is ready too. They also need to sign up for a time since all auditions will be in the same room this year. 

Share this with your friends, and let's create another amazing orchestra!

Have a great evening,


Free Music!

Dear Music Teachers, 

For years, we have stored (in my garage!) a large collection of band and miscellaneous music simply because we did not want to see it destroyed, but we are running out of room for our expanding youth symphony and chamber orchestra library, so it's time to clean house and make a concerted effort to give this music away. 

With that in mind, Josie, my assistant and music librarian, has spent the summer putting together a spreadsheet with all available music, just for you! Please have a look and let us know if there's anything you would like! The only thing we request is that if you claim it, we will send you an address, and you pick it up in a timely manner!

Here's hoping that by doing this, we can give back to the music community that has supported us for so many years! 

Notice the tabs at the bottom. In the left tab you will see everything in one place, and in the many other tabs, Josie has put together separate lists by category. As music is claimed, I will update the spreadsheet with a strike-through on the music no longer available. 

Again, thank you, and I hope that this can be helpful to you in your efforts to support the musical growth of our young people in the region. 

Feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested!

Julie Gardner, Managing Director Northern Utah Youth Symphony, 435.740.4335
Josie Anderson, Librarian and Assistant to the Manager