21 March 2019

We Need Your Help!

A Note from our Board Chairman... Please Read!


Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society

P.O. Box 236, Brigham City, UT 84302


     Board Members:

Doris D'Asto, Chairman, Grant Manager

____________, Executive Director

Cathy Prows, Bookkeeper

Naomi Miles, Fundraising: Smith's/Kent's cards

Josie Anderson, Secretary, Music Librarian

Julie Gardner, NUYS Managing Director/Representative

Jenny Murrow, NUYCO Managing Director/Representative

April Jones, Accountant Consultant

Jared Luther, board member (parent volunteer)


Dear Parents and Members,

   Thank you for all the effort you have made to be a vital part of this organization. It's been a fun and exciting year so far; now we're on the home stretch with only the March 23rd Chamber recital in the Brigham City Tabernacle and our final concert of the year at Box Elder High School on Friday, April 26th.

  Every orchestra season is unique; we work with new music, new possibilities, and new members integrating with those who have been loyal for many years, all creating a dynamic that is distinctive and enjoyable.  With 34 schools and many different backgrounds represented this year, there are new and lasting experiences and friendships forming that will enrich all of our lives. Truly.

  We are seeing a disturbing trend of rising costs in several areas this year, mainly in the renting of performance venues in the area high schools.  Every summer, Julie searches for the best dates available for our performances and the projected costs entailed. We may not know the actual costs for using each auditorium, band/orchestra rooms, tech staff, common area when needed, and custodial support until after the performance. The costs vary with each school, but one fact is certain: local School Boards are raising fees, and we are prohibited from asking for donations at the concerts due to contractual terms for non-profits.  

  Our recent concert at Logan High was wonderful. We love performing at Logan High and hate the possibility that we might have to leave it.  However, our fee of $200 last year went up initially to $377 this year, and, due to a misunderstanding of what we needed, it increased to $735 just before the concert.  In the end, we paid a negotiated fee of $619.75. The bus rental to Abravanel Hall, originally $541, increased to $628 due to the extended afternoon session and the longer-than-expected commute home.  We know the upcoming concert at Box Elder High will be around $700.

 Our Bookkeeper has created a mid-year financial assessment to determine our revenue status for the remainder of the fiscal year. We have learned we are on a trajectory to end the year up to $1500 short. We have always ended our fiscal year with a small surplus, which is then used for the start-up of the next season. There will be no money for extras this year. We are just hoping to come out with enough to start the next season!

  The Board has agreed that we stop all further discretionary spending and ask for increased support coming into April's concert. This can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Help us find additional business sponsors. Approximately 1/3 of our membership lives in Cache Valley; 1/3 lives in Weber County; and 1/3 lives in Box Elder County. Of the businesses who faithfully sponsor our concerts year-after-year, most are strongly invested in Box Elder County. Our organization could really benefit from more support from Cache and Weber counties OR from supportive donors within our membership's families.

  • Donate personally. It's tax deductible. Any amount is appreciated! $30-$50 from 30-50 families could help us significantly.  Mail checks to LBSS, PO Box 236, Brigham City UT 84302, or just bring it on a Saturday morning.

  • Alternatively, commit to purchase $600 worth of grocery cards in the next 4 months so we can keep the percentage donation. This would give our organization $25 to $30 for each participant.

  Thank you for all your driving, practicing, love of music, and recruiting of new members! We are looking forward to the upcoming performance on April 26th, featuring an "Americana" theme by both orchestras, with the 1812 Overture offered once again in an encore performance.

Doris D'Asto

Chairman, Board of Directors

(435) 730-5417

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❖Northern Utah Community Symphony❖


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