04 March 2019

A Few Reminders


Here are a few reminders or details you may have missed:

1. Wear your formal concert attire, like for our performance last week at Logan High. 

2. There will be a vehicle following the bus both directions to haul cellos. It is a white 4 Runner and all cellos should go in this vehicle. There will not be room on the bus. Do NOT put your cello in the storage under the bus. Thank you to Jenn Dabb, Tanner Chipman's mom, for this!

3. Large brass instruments (tubas) will fit under the bus in the built-in storage.

4. The bus will leave as soon as it's loaded in Perry at the Walmart. It will not wait until 10:45 unless it's still waiting for people to arrive! So arrive on time!

5. Sharon Cook will be the parent on the bus. Her number is 435-760-2645. If you are wondering where the bus is, hers is the number to call. If you call me I will tell you to call her. I will not be on the bus because i have meetings and other responsibilities.

6. If you hear a piece today that you want to play, write it down and let us know! :) Remember to be a great audience! Unless we are performing or applauding, we provide the silence!

7. Do not leave anything at Abravanel Hall! Do not take anything to the Green Room that you will not need on stage! Do not leave anything in the Green Room! Look around your area as you leave for the day and be sure you have everything you came with!

8. You are responsible to bring your folder home! We are NOT collecting music today. 

9. Have FUN! We are so fortunate to have a great program to perform! Be proud of your accomplishment! You are all awesome!

See you soon! 


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