25 February 2019

Well Done, NUYS!

A Note For All Of You:


What a wonderful performance! 

I was so proud of all three pieces. The quality and interpretation of the flute concerto was beautiful. You responded well to Dr Blanchard's baton in the Movie Spectacular - the audience loved the familiar music. 

And I'm incredibly proud of each and every one of you for stepping up to the task to create one of the biggest performances we've ever done. It takes each individual learning their own parts so we can bring together a gigantic number like that! Every phrase and section of the 1812 right up to the last cannon shot and last ringing of the chimes of the church bells were so well done! 

We had such an extended standing ovation that I walked off the stage and came back for a bow 3 times. The standing ovation spoke for itself. Every one of you should be proud of what you did with that music! 

We will have a practice this Saturday and then we get to perform the Movie Spectacular and the 1812 Overture again at Abravanel Hall. And keep practicing it up, because we will be doing the 1812 Overture as an encore performance at Box Elder High School on April 26th. 

Thank you again for all your work, and all your practice, and your heart and soul on stage the other night. It was simply thrilling!

Mr Dunn


Jed Connell, Bailey's grandpa, has shared these pictures from the concert with us with this note: 
Please feel free to share these with everyone that wishes a copy.
They are yours from me without cost or obligation.
I hope you and the Orchestra enjoy them. I am glad to be of assistance.
Jed Connell  

Thank you so much, Mr Connell!

If anyone else has photos they'd like to share, I'd be happy to facilitate that!
See you Saturday! Keep sending me your plans for Abravanel Hall!



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