22 February 2019

Announcements, and REVISED Abravanel Hall Announcements

Hello, everyone! 

Concert Reminders:
We'll see you tomorrow at Logan High at the concert, wearing concert black and ready to rock the house! You have all morning to practice!
Set up begins at 1pm
Call time for rehearsal 1:45
Rehearsal 2 to 3:15 (or so) followed by a break. 
Bring a snack in a sack, and if you leave for a while, 
Call time for concert 4:30 pm
Concert time: 5:00 pm

And.... the Abravanel Hall organizers have revised the schedule, so here is a revised paper. The permission slip is the same, and the excuse paper has slightly different times, but the info sheet now includes the seating assignments, and a revised schedule! Our session now begins at 12:30 and goes until 4 pm! So all the morning transportation stuff has been moved a half hour earlier!

Fun, right? 

So, instead of sending an attachment which is really hard to recall after it's been suddenly revised, here is the link to the revised Abravanel Hall PDF. If you print it so it's one-sided, fill out the bottom half of the second page, and bring it tomorrow, I will ... smile a lot, and give you a fist bump! Please???? 

And, if not, I will have paper copies for everyone in Logan tomorrow so you can fill them out and turn them in. Tomorrow. Did I mention I need these tomorrow? 
(All this info has also been revised on Monday's blog post.)

Thanks so much!


PS We have a new triangle and triangle beater! It's the most amazing thing I've ever heard! I hope you all are as amazed as I am!


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