15 January 2019

February 23 Concert

Greetings! I've created this form as a quick way to collect info about scheduling the upcoming concert at Logan High. I don't know if people just don't care, or if they needed more time to answer, but I had almost no one respond when I asked before. 

Fill this out, please! If you can't make it work in your email, just click "Fill out in Google Forms" below. 

This afternoon would be best!

Thank you!


PS Some of you who are new to our orchestra may be wondering why our concert is in Logan. Since we come from such a large area, we have a concert in each main county each year. We had our Weber County concert in Ogden last fall, our Cache County concert is in February, and our final concert will be in Box Elder County at Box Elder High School. 

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Please fill out this form asap, before 6:30 pm tonight would be best. Thank you!
February 23 Concert
Our next concert is scheduled for February 23, 2019, at Logan High School. We have been tentatively planning to do it in the evening, but with past history of weather issues, we are quickly exploring the option of doing the concert earlier, so people are on the road for home before dark.

The proposed schedule would look something like this:
Around 1pm, dress rehearsal schedule for both orchestras
Concert time 4:30 pm
On the road by 6 pm

***If you do not respond to this form, we will assume you have no problem with these arrangements.***
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