07 December 2018

Two NUYS Invitations

Invitation #1:
   What: Christmas Party with food, gift exchange, and games
   Who: NUYCO & NUYS Musicians and a few Parent Volunteers 
   Where: Promontory School Cafeteria
   When: Saturday, December 15th, 2018
   Time: After Rehearsal until about 12:30 pm
   Bring: A treat or protein offering to share - Sign up or just bring something that day (if you can)
   Also Bring: A Wrapped Thrift Store Gift* for our White Elephant Exchange Game
    *Thrift Store Gift: something cheap from a thrift store, or something you have been meaning to donate to a thrift store!

Invitation #2:

   What: Perform at the NUYS Recital Night!
   Who: Any member of NUYS wanting a performance opportunity
   Where: Brigham City Tabernacle
   When: Saturday, January 12th, 2019
   Time: 6:30 pm
   How to sign up: Contact Julie to be added to the program. If you know any alumni who might want to participate, they are also welcome. It's a great chance to play your non-orchestra instrument for us, too. We had classical guitar, some piano solos and organ at last year's recital. It was such an inspiring evening!
   Note: If you plan to play an accompanied piece, but you aren't sure who to call for an accompanist, Misa Findlay is an excellent accompanist, lives in Brigham City, and is available that evening. If you need her contact info, let me know!

Last year's recital performers: 

Katerina Mayerle, Julian Mitton, Kristene Murrow, Drew Burnett, Samuel Fowler, Dallin Murrow, Jacob Rockwood, Clayton Johnson, Elizabeth Wagstaff, Natalie Nef, Sarah Francis, Carter Fielding

See you tomorrow! Regular rehearsal 8:30 to 11:00.



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