20 December 2018

Merry Christmas!

Parties are Great!
Thanks to everyone for a great rehearsal and fun party last Saturday! Thanks to the parent volunteers and Doris for the lovely food presentation. You are all wonderful!

Enjoy Your Holiday!
This seemingly long email started out as a quick reminder that there is no rehearsal this week or next: December 22 or 29. Our next rehearsal is January 5th. (Please read the whole email, though!)

Also, welcome to the email list to all our new players and parents! :)

Listening and practice
Watch and Listen to The Lark Asxending by Vaughan Williams (the rental music is being shipped right now and will be ready for you at the next rehearsal - our soloist will be Mr Dunn)
Listen to the Quantz Flute Concerto (for solo flute (Allison Cook) and strings - we are doing the first movement)
Watch and Listen to the Movie Spectacular - this is a fun video made in Puerto Rico!
And practice. Enjoy your holiday by practicing! You'll feel like a million bucks on January 5th if you've practiced! If you want to share fingerings or tips with your section, send them to me... I can send things out for you. :)

Timely Feedback Needed
We have not officially set a time yet for the Logan High concert. We would like it to be an evening concert, but we can be flexible if there are major conflicts. Please check your schedules TODAY and let me know ASAP if you have any situations we need to be aware of. This is for Saturday, February 23rd, 2019. Last year we somehow scheduled our February concert at the same time as several students' prom! So please check and get back with me!

Thank you!

Recital Night
If you are wanting to perform at Recital Night on January 12th, be sure to contact me. 

I'm a little worried I've left someone off the list, so I'm including my current list below. If you told me you wanted to perform and you're not on the list, I've messed up! Please contact me if I forgot you, or if you want to be added. It's going to be a lovely evening!
Jacob Rockwood
Sarah Rockwood
Emily Rockwood
Kristene Murrow
Dallin Murrow
Hailee Dubovik 
Brinley Billings 
Rebecca Hales
Dawson Pitcher 
Sarah Francis
Alexis Jensen

Utah Philharmonic Concerto Competition
Here is some info about the Utah Philharmonic Orchestra concerto competition. If you choose to do this, be sure to insist on an afternoon audition time! Then you won't miss your NUYS rehearsal!
The competition is Feb 1st and 2nd, Friday and Saturday. The registration deadline is January 14th. For more info: https://www.utahphil.org/concerto-2019

Upcoming Events
Regular Rehearsals begin again: January 5th, 8:30 to 11:00
Recital Night at Box Elder Tabernacle: Saturday, January 12th, 6:30 pm
Concert at Logan High: Saturday, February 23rd
Abravanel Hall, Youth Symphony Festival: Monday, March 4th
Season Finale Concert at Box Elder High: Tuesday, April 23rd

08 December 2018

Chamber Christmas Party

WhatChristmas Party with food, gift exchange, and games

Who: NUYCO & NUYS Musicians and a few Parent Volunteers 

Where: Promontory School Cafeteria

When: Saturday, December 15th

Time: After Rehearsal until about 12:30 pm

Bring: A treat or protein offering to share - Sign up or just bring something that day (if you can)

Also Bring: A Wrapped Thrift Store Gift*for our White Elephant Exchange Game
    *Thrift Store Gift: something cheap from a thrift store, or something you have been meaning to donate to a thriftstore!

07 December 2018

Two NUYS Invitations

Invitation #1:
   What: Christmas Party with food, gift exchange, and games
   Who: NUYCO & NUYS Musicians and a few Parent Volunteers 
   Where: Promontory School Cafeteria
   When: Saturday, December 15th, 2018
   Time: After Rehearsal until about 12:30 pm
   Bring: A treat or protein offering to share - Sign up or just bring something that day (if you can)
   Also Bring: A Wrapped Thrift Store Gift* for our White Elephant Exchange Game
    *Thrift Store Gift: something cheap from a thrift store, or something you have been meaning to donate to a thrift store!

Invitation #2:

   What: Perform at the NUYS Recital Night!
   Who: Any member of NUYS wanting a performance opportunity
   Where: Brigham City Tabernacle
   When: Saturday, January 12th, 2019
   Time: 6:30 pm
   How to sign up: Contact Julie to be added to the program. If you know any alumni who might want to participate, they are also welcome. It's a great chance to play your non-orchestra instrument for us, too. We had classical guitar, some piano solos and organ at last year's recital. It was such an inspiring evening!
   Note: If you plan to play an accompanied piece, but you aren't sure who to call for an accompanist, Misa Findlay is an excellent accompanist, lives in Brigham City, and is available that evening. If you need her contact info, let me know!

Last year's recital performers: 

Katerina Mayerle, Julian Mitton, Kristene Murrow, Drew Burnett, Samuel Fowler, Dallin Murrow, Jacob Rockwood, Clayton Johnson, Elizabeth Wagstaff, Natalie Nef, Sarah Francis, Carter Fielding

See you tomorrow! Regular rehearsal 8:30 to 11:00.