15 November 2018

Important Concert Details for this Saturday


Please read to the end! 




Our Schedule for this Saturday
11:00 My arrival at Ogden High
11:15 to 11:45 set up Ogden High School stage
12:00 to 1:15 NUYS Warm Up and Sound Check
1:30 to 2:30 NUYCO Warm Up and Sound Check 
2:30 Concert call time
3:00 to 4:15 Concert - NUYCO followed by NUYS 

Some Important details regarding the funeral of North Ogden Mayor Brent Taylor

Major Taylor's funeral is scheduled to begin at 1 pm at the Dee Events Center. It is expected that the funeral will last one hour. This is a guess!

When the procession to the North Ogden Cemetery begins, its first leg will follow Harrison Blvd to 12th Street in Ogden. This is possibly right as we have guests arriving for our concert. Since Ogden High School is on the east side of Harrison, people coming off the freeway will possibly be stopped at, say, 30th Street, for 40 minutes... or they might get through right before it closes. The intersections will only be closed as the motorcade is passing each intersection. They will not close the entire road all at once.

Please make your guests aware that when each intersection closes, the North Ogden police chief estimates that the intersection will remain closed for approximately 40 minutes to allow the procession to pass. We recommend that you listen to KSL which will be broadcasting the funeral and covering the proceedings. This might give you a good idea of what is happening, or what to expect as you approach the area.

The funeral may run longer than scheduled. Beginning the procession may take longer than expected. The time for the intersections to be closed cannot be predicted. 

Last but most important, encourage your guests to come EARLY, beat the arrival of the procession, and all will be well! 

We will do our very best to begin the concert on time, but will also play along with whatever is going on, as needed. If the procession reaches us at Ogden High before our concert, students are welcome to pay their respects by going outside as the hearse passes by. I certainly will take that opportunity if it presents itself!

There may be an adjustment to our program order, as necessary, if we have swimmers stuck in traffic. Thank you all in advance for your patience!

Parking Notes

Parking at Ogden High is not an easy task, even on a normal day. 

Most of their parking is on the north side of the building, some on the south side, along the street and you can park in the bus round on the west side in front of the school.

The auditorium is right inside the doors on the south side.  To access the auditorium from the north side, enter through the doors on the north east side of the auditorium.  There will be directional signs.

Coming from the South

If you are one of our swimmers coming from the south, you will want to listen to the radio to find out the status of the procession, in order to avoid the motorcade. Perhaps it will all have passed by Ogden High by the time you are coming in for the concert. 

However, if it is still happening, or there is still a lot of traffic congestion, you'll want to find an alternate route to get to the east side of Harrison from Hwy 89, perhaps by taking Skyline Drive so you pass by the east side of the Dee Events Center. The North Ogden Police Chief recommended using a google maps app to find the best route. 

A Few Other Notes

Volunteers have placed a massive flag in Coldwater Canyon in honor of Mayor Brent Taylor. Here is one of many links to this beautiful story.

Also, Washington Street in North Ogden has also been beautifully decorated in his honor. It is worth seeing. 


Please be sure to turn in all folders at this concert. If you have found you have an insurmountable conflict and you will not be playing, it is your responsibility to ensure I receive your folder before the concert, either via a friend, or by bringing it to my house. Please contact me if you need to make arrangements. We will be replacing the music in your folders over the Thanksgiving Break so you will magically have new music at our next rehearsal on December 1st. But we can't do that without your folder! :)

PS Please pray everything works out!

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