01 October 2018

Parent Meeting Notes

From many places, walks of life, love of music

How can I… help?
Pick your poison… 
Calendar Maven for each school
Haul percussion equipment (minivan preferred)
Chaperon the retreat
Abravanel Hall Chaperon and transportation help
Purchase grocery certificates
Concert set up & Clean up
Organizing car pools
In what ways have you volunteered?
Here is a volunteer spreadsheet where you can sign up!

Where do the… chairs come from?
I set up the stands, but, of course, they come from you, during setup time each Saturday morning. 
Sometimes the stands are too close to each other, so be sure to shift things as needed.

Are you trying… to fill any specific positions?
Look at our board meeting! 
Doris says we are hard at work…
We are looking for a Public Relations and Marketing Specialist. This isn’t as scary as it sounds, and there is a stipend for it.
We are looking still for an Executive Director, a liaison between the orchestras and the board, someone willing to be involved but not to the extent of a manager. This also includes a stipend.
And, of course, we are always looking for Board Members.

Why are the… concerts free admission?
Sponsors! The graphic represents sponsors from previous years.
We need to raise $1500 to cover all three concert venues this year. 
So far, we 3 sponsors – Classical Strings, BrainTrainUT, and PetsFirst! Wellness Center – who have each contributed $300.
Want to help us find two more? 
We are engaging all our sponsors now, so we can feature them in all the concert programs throughout the year!

Can you help me… set up a carpool?
29 Cache – Includes all of the valley, including Logan, Nibley, N Logan, Hyde Park, Cornish, River Heights, Wellsville, Paradise, Providence
27 Weber – Ogden, N Ogden, Farr West, Pleasant View, Hooper, Plain City, West Haven
25 Box Elder – Brigham, Perry, Willard, Garland, Tremonton, Howell
1 Davis – Syracuse 
2 Morgan
We had each group stand and look around. As there were people missing, it was difficult to get a firm handle on our carpool needs. Please contact us if you need to be connected with people!

I brought my… pencil. Now what do I do with it?
Mark Your MUSIC! 
You will have lots of music, not enough time to practice everything!
Practice the hard stuff first!

I forgot my… folder and music!
Please borrow from a friend or come talk to me. I usually have replacement music for temporary use.
Be aware that this music is of value, and the folders as well. Take good care of them!
We have nice folders because we believe in you and your ability to take good care of that music!

What if I’m going… to miss rehearsal?
Attendance form is so much better than a text or email!
To access it, there is a link at the bottom of every email.
You can fill it out ahead of time for the whole year.
You can fill it out the very morning of rehearsal if you wake up sick or have something come up. I get immediate notifications!
Be wise about reasons to miss. Tell your group date group that you have a regular Saturday morning commitment. 
Do your best to have a regular agreement with work commitments so you have Saturday mornings off.
How do I know when my… registration is complete?
Membership Form (online)
Acceptance & Payment Form
Retreat Permission
T-Shirt Form (online)

What about bad… weather?
Text @nuys to the number 81010
You’ll receive a welcome text from Remind.
If any of you have trouble with 81010, you can try texting @nuys to (620) 652-0603.
This is why I sent a test message during the meeting! Must have seemed strange for those who weren’t in attendance.
What is your… preferred method of communication?
Email – But why?
Because all emails post to the blog.

Is there anything… special I need to purchase for concert attire?
Notice the black bow tie, black jacket and slacks, black socks (long enough to avoid exposed ankles), and white shirt for the men
Notice that women can wear dresses or slacks, and they should also wear black socks or tights.

Chamber (Extra Slide)
Men wear white shirts and long ties, black pants and socks.
Women wear white on top and black on bottom, skirts or slacks, with black tights or socks.

Please note ankles! They really show when the eye level of the audience is the level of the ankles on the stage. 

What does the… day of a concert look like?
On the day of the concert there will be a dress rehearsal on stage (usually not in concert dress unless we specifically request it), and then a break while chamber rehearses. Then call time, then concert. The schedule will be announced and also added to the google calendar.
Concert time – the concert times will be set once we know what everyone’s parameters are for the day of the concert.
Our first concert is November 17 at Ogden High School. Check your schedules! We need to hear from you. Do you have a pit orchestra or stage performance that night? What is your call time? Do you have a swim meet that day? How early can you make it to Ogden? Last year we set the concert as late as possible so our swimmers could come, but early enough for call times at various high schools. 
Last year, 3.30 pm worked, but I won’t publish a time until I know what works! 
LOOK AT YOUR PERSONAL and SCHOOL CALENDARS! I cannot guess ahead of time what your conflicts will be!
We need to do the same for other 

How do I… order my t-shirt?
Who gets a t-shirt?  - Every member of each orchestra gets a T-Shirt as part of his/her membership
Can I purchase extras? – Yes! Want one for a parent or sibling? They are $10 each. 
We are ordering Hoodies too. They are $25 each. If you want a hoodie, and you are a member of one of the orchestras, you still get a T-Shirt, so be sure to order that too.
If you are getting more than one, you will need to fill out the form once for each shirt.

Where is the… retreat, and what is it?
It’s at Camp UTABA in the Ogden Valley, October 26 and 27, from 5 pm to 5 pm; cost is $50. This is not covered by the scholarship.
You will need to provide your own transportation or find a carpool. 
When we count numbers for meals etc, we are assuming you are all coming unless you tell us you’re not! Please let us know your plans asap.
Our retreat is great fun, but it also includes 3 full rehearsals.
If you can’t attend the whole time, you can come to just part of it. You can just pay for each meal you eat, etc. 
Parent chaperones are asked to pay for their meals, but we will cover their overnight fee ($25). 

May I ask about… the youth symphony festival? (Be pompous!)
This is what we generally call “Abravanel Hall” in regular conversation.
We hire a bus, and many people take themselves
We need chaperones, extra drivers, and help hauling various percussion equipment.
We will know the schedule closer to the date. March 4th.

Are we going… on tour?
This is a tour year, and we are headed to Tuacahn, because now we know how to make it even better!
Debra Francis is planning it, and presented her powerpoint on it (info below.
Dates: June 18-21, 2019
The deposit for tour must be made by November 3. 
If we get the numbers and instrumentation we need, we will deposit your check and make the first payment to Educational Tours. Your remaining payments will be made directly to them.
Total cost is expected to be $525
Tour includes
o NUYS Performances at Tuacahn Mini Amphitheater
o Tickets to Two Tuacahn Main Shows 
o Back Stage Tour
o Sectional Master Class at Dixie State University
o Workshop at Southern Utah University
o Community performances in Cedar City and/or St George
o Zion National Park (a much longer visit this time)
o Coach transportation
o Accommodations at Ramada Inn, St George
o Group dinners
o Full breakfasts
o Tour T-Shirt (for performances as well)
o Truck Rental for all our equipment
o Chaperones Wanted!
o $525 total cost
o $50 tour deposit due Nov 3rd

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