19 October 2018

NUYS Announcements

Concert time, Rehearsal Announcements, and Retreat Information

1. The board has set our concert time on November 17th for 3:00 pm. Thank you for all your input! The dress rehearsal schedule will also be published soon!

2. There is rehearsal tomorrow, even though it's fall break! If you will not be attending, please be sure to fill out the attendance form. Rehearsal 8:30 to 11:00 am. Doors open at 8:00 am. The Messiah orchestra will rehearse directly following.

3. Next Friday and Saturday are our retreat. There are several people we have not received paperwork from, including the Acceptance, Release and Payment Form or the Retreat Permission Slip, so we don't know what their plans are. If you still need to turn in paperwork or make a payment or payment arrangements, I will contact you separately, but you don't have to wait to be asked. Just fill out the retreat form to indicate your cabin mate preferences, or to just let me know if you will be coming or not. You may also reply to this email.

4. We are doing sign ups for the Saturday Snacks at the retreat. Please sign up on the Volunteer Spreadsheet, or email me with what you can bring, or any other questions. There is a refrigerator for items dropped off Friday for use on Saturday. You do not need to be there during snack time in order to help! We are looking for apple slices or veggies in snack bags, chips & dip, and brownies/cookies.

5. The location of the retreat is Camp UTABA, in the Ogden Valley. It's closest to the North Odgen Divide, but it's also easily accessible through Ogden Canyon. Here is a google map link, and here is the directions page on their website. It is up to you to arrange carpooling. If you need help with finding someone to carpool with, let me know. 

6. If you are a chaperone and need to let us know about any food allergies etc, please do so. Youth who have already filled out their permission forms have already notified me, as these forms include this information.

7. Here is the schedule for the retreat, or click here for a PDF version of everything below this line:

Retreat 2018


This will be our ninth annual retreat. Not only do we have fun, we get to know each other, experience a top-quality musical experience, and have three full rehearsals for our upcoming concert. If you cannot stay the night, please be sure to attend as much of the retreat as possible on Friday evening, Saturday morning and/or afternoon. We can let you know what the cost is for the meals you eat if you are unable to stay overnight. We are assuming you are going unless you tell us otherwise.


Approximate Schedule

Friday October 26

4:30pm     Adults, any youth helpers & equipment arrive & set up

5:00pm     Youth arrive, set up sleeping quarters, meet in the lodge

6:00pm      Dinner

6:30pm      Orchestra Rehearsal (with break)

8:30pm      Introductions, Play whack-em (you'll probably like it) & other games.   

10:00pm    Bedtime

10:30pm    Lights out


Saturday October 27

7:30am     Rise & Shine, pack up, roll up sleeping bags, etc.

8:00am     Breakfast. Create skit groups.

8:30am     **Outdoor pictures with instruments wearing t-shirts (no bows)

9:00am      Orchestra Rehearsal

11:00am     Prepare Skits

11:30pm     Skit Performances

12:30pm     Lunch

1:00pm       Clean cabins; bring luggage to lodge or out to porches (weather permitting)

1:30pm       Orchestra Rehearsal (with break)

4:00pm       Snack & debrief

4:30pm       Final cleaning (lodge & bathrooms)

5:00pm       Youth picked up, head home before dark (Sunset is 6:30pm)


** This may be adjusted according to availability of photographer.


Families are responsible for transportation and are encouraged to arrange carpooling.


Contact Information

Julie Gardner's cell phone (435.740.4335) will be on and has service at the camp!
Doris D'Asto's phone (435.730.5417) will also be on.
You may also contact the Camp UTABA office (
801.745.3570) in an emergency. 

Extra Notes:

*Be sure to bring a sturdy music stand with your name on it. As not everyone has a sturdy stand, if you have more than one STURDY music stand, bring those too.

*If you have a battery powered LED book light, stand light, or reading light, you may find it useful during rehearsal.

*Saturday Snacks: Head for the Volunteer spreadsheet and sign up to bring sliced apples, chips & dip, veggies, or cookies/brownies.

Other Details:


WHERE: Camp UTABA, a year-round heated camp facility in Ogden Valley, dedicated to offering affordable lodging for religious, educational, and family gatherings in a safe and beautiful environment. 
It is 5 miles north of the top of North Ogden Divide. 

Please go to Camp UTABA's website for further information:
7005 North Fork Rd
Eden, UT 84310-9679
(801) 745-3570


WHEN:         Arrive Friday, October 26, 5:00pm;

         Depart Saturday, October 27, 5:00 pm.


COST:          $50.00, everything included, to be paid in addition to your membership fee


SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS:  Camp UTABA has heated cabins with 8-14 bunks each.  There will be 2 adult chaperones in some cabins, and some cabins will be filled with youth with adult chaperones checking on them.


RESTROOMS & SHOWERS: There is a restroom facility in the main lodge, as well as restrooms and showers in a separate building with lovely hot water.





A Sturdy Music Stand with your name on it!


Cushion (optional – for hard cold chair)

Sleeping bag


Change of clothes

Personal care items

Towel, Soap & Shampoo


Extra Blanket



Electronic entertainment


Any prohibited substance


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