21 August 2018

OSBA Youth Guild

This is from Sarah Francis!

Have a look at this. It's a great service opportunity, and an amazing way to see some fabulous productions. 

Hey friends! 
     Some of you who are returning members of NUYS may know me; but to introduce myself in a different capacity, my name is Sarah Francis.  I play the violin and I am one of the presidents of the Ogden Symphony Ballet Youth Guild and the preconcert coordinator. 
     I have been a member of the OSBA Youth Guild for the last 4 years.  The OSBA Youth Guild is a wonderful opportunity to serve your community and see amazing concerts.  The OSBA youth guild members get free complimentary tickets to all the concerts this season.  This means you can go see the Utah Symphony and other groups (i.e. BYU Vocal Point, Noteworthy, and the ballroom dancers, etc.)  for free multiple times.  
     Being a part of the Youth Guild means that you get to usher at 5 concerts throughout the season.  Your family also gets discount tickets for the concerts as well.  We have amazing semiannual brunches featuring members from the Utah Symphony, also we have a super fun pool party coming up on August 25th!
     What you need to do is fill out a copy of the application on the website found here.  You must mail the application to the OSBA headquarters office or email a copy of it to either myself, Genette, or Angela and then mail your $35 to the office.  This all has to be done before August 25th!  (on the application under the line that says referred by, put my name: Sarah Francis.)  If you have questions about what the preconcert is email me or text me at 385-238-9676.
     I promise that you won't regret joining the Youth Guild!  It is such an amazing program and I am so excited to be a part of it this year!.  I hope to see all of you there!

Happy Practicing!
Sarah Francis

(if the link above doesn't work to take you to the website, here is the url http://symphonyballet.org/outreach/youth-guild.html )


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