03 March 2018

The Show Must Go On!


The storm has stalled and when it starts again, it is predicted to have turned to rain!

At the point it is predicted to turn back to snow, it should be quite late in the evening. So we are going ahead with the performance tonight at Logan High. I've looked at all the traffic cams and the only route that looks sketchy is the route from Tremonton to Logan. Sardine is bare and wet.

Please arrive by 2:30 pm if you can, or earlier if possible to help with set up, and we will have two hours on stage from 3 to 5 pm. 

Chamber will have an hour on stage from 5 to 6pm, and then the concert will be at 6:30. 

We will get you out of there and on the road as soon as possible - likely by 8 pm - so as to avoid any of the snow that's supposed to come back. 

As soon as you decide, please please inform me if you choose not to make the drive. We are hoping all key people will be able to make it. We understand the risks involved, but believe they have been minimized to the point where it's safe to put on the concert. 

What a great place to be on a rainy day! Indoors making awesome music!

Thanks again for your patience as we've made this decision. It has not been an easy one.


PS I will send a Remind indicating people should look at this email.


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