09 February 2018


Rehearsal Times

Starting this week (tomorrow) regular rehearsal will run from 8:30 am to 11:30 am, until further notice. With our upcoming performance schedule, this is necessary in order to do a good job with the difficult music we have chosen. Any changes will be announced and will also be reflected on the online calendar.

If you need to still leave at 11, please do so quietly and with minimal disruption. Thanks so much!

Tchaikovsky Cuts

The version of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto which we are playing from is slightly different from the version Natalie is playing. The following small cuts in our music are necessary. Please mark your music.
69 to 81
424 to 432
476 to 432

Next Concert Planning

If you have a conflict and will not be playing on March 3 at Logan High, please notify me immediately so we can make adjustments in the orchestra as needed. We have a few major conflicts that day, but hopefully the orchestra will be performance ready! :)

Abravanel Hall Questions

I have had a couple questions from new people about Abravanel Hall, so here's a run-down.

This is not a school sponsored field trip, but it is a school day (this year it's March 19). Please keep your grades up so no one has to miss!

We charter a school bus for the day, but you still have the option of providing your own transportation.

The schedule has not yet been published, but when it is, we will either be in the morning session (8 to noon) or the afternoon session (1 to 3 pm). We have requested afternoon, but will let you know the schedule for the day as soon as we know it, and get permission slips out as soon as possible. 

Parents or other family are allowed to come to the performance. There is a specific area in the auditorium set aside for spectators. 

Each orchestra has 30 minutes on stage, and also climbs the grand staircase for a picture after the performance. 

More details on all this stuff to follow, as soon as we have a schedule from the organizers. 


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