24 January 2018

Upcoming Concert: Sponsorship Drive


The search is on, in earnest, for sponsors for our March 3 concert in Logan.

We have a super fundraiser, April Jones, on our board, and she is heading up the drive for sponsors. Please contact her if you have any leads or ideas. april.jones210@gmail.com, 435-740-1227.

This is what keeps our concerts free admission! We need to raise $425 per concert.

Thanks in advance for your ideas and help.

Lost & Found Crock Pot

One other note: Someone asked me about her crock pot, but I can't remember who it was. I have verified that Doris has your crock pot. Please let me know who you are so we can arrange a rendezvous. 

Have a lovely evening!


Thanks to our November Sponsors:
​Aaron F Gardner at On Track Counseling, and soon to launch a new website!

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