08 December 2017

NUYS: Taking ACT?, Christmas Party Info

Hi folks!

ACT Test Takers 

If you are taking the ACT tomorrow please fill out the attendance form! I'd rather not set you a chair and stand if you're not coming.

Christmas Party information and call for helpers

Our Christmas party is next week. Thank you to the one parent who already signed up to help!

We need more help:

People to commit to bringing something with protein. Otherwise it will be a sugar fest. The treats will be pot luck, so we need people to sign up to bring something with less sugar & more protein. Cheese & Crackers, a crockpot of meat balls, etc. 

People to help set up the lovely table and lay out the food. Doris brings supplies. We just need you to come help out! Helpers should arrive at 10 am.

People to commit to being around to take down and clean up. Helpers should be needed for this project around 12:30 pm.

Please visit the newly modified Volunteer Collaboration and let us know how you can help out. The Christmas party sign up is in the bottom right section. If you try to sing up and it isn't cooperating, just shoot me an email. I'll add you to the list.

Here is the Christmas Party Invitation:

What: NUYS and NUYCO Christmas Party

Date: December 16, 2017

Time: 11:15 am to 12:45 pm, after regular rehearsal

Place: Promontory School Cafeteria

Bring: A wrapped white elephant gift with a music theme. Spend $0 to $5, please!

Also Bring: A potluck treat to share

Parents, please sign up to help out!




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