18 October 2017

Youth Symphony T-Shirt Orders ASAP


I do not have T-Shirt Orders from the following people. Please check the list below even if you think you already ordered.

Perhaps you ordered, but didn't get all the way to the "Submit" button, or because you ordered and the computer glitched (if you didn't get an email confirmation, it didn't work), or you just haven't done it yet. 

We may still have a fighting chance of getting shirts for retreat if you do this today!



No order from:

A Ames
E Anawalt
J Brown
A Cook
E Corrington
A Corrington
C Dunn
A Fielding
S Fowler
T Francis
S Howell
R Johnson
E King
G Knudson
M Kobe
L Laing
A Larsen
E Lewis
J Lion
L Lowe
B Marker
M Mattson
H Mattson
A Montgomery
G Parkin
E Petersen
A Quintana
K Tarkalson
J Taylor
C Wagstaff
B Woodland


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