24 October 2017

NUYS: UTABA, Music Stands, Remind, and Sponsorship Needed

Hello, Folks!

Music Stands

Please be sure to bring a music stand to retreat, plus whatever else is on the list

Camp UTABA is wrong on Google Maps

We'll see you this Friday at Camp UTABA. This link is good. The link on Google Maps when you type "Camp UTABA" seems to not be going far enough. Please be sure to know where you are going. They have a special Driving Directions page on their website, linked here on the CampUTABA.org website.


I'll send a Remind about the music stands. 

However, I also went through the list to see who hadn't joined Remind yet. About half of you haven't done this! Please do it. It's important if we have to cancel a rehearsal for bad weather.

In order to sign up for the 2017-18 Youth Symphony "class" on Remind, please do at least one of the following:

Send a text to sign up for text messages. 
Enter this number: 81010 and text this message: @746kb42

Or you can send an email to sign up for emails.
Send an email to 746kb42@mail.remind.com
You can leave the subject blank. 

Or you can visit this link to join. 

Sponsors for our upcoming concert

Thank you to Grover at Classical Strings for your generosity! Our Ogden High School concert is now partially sponsored.  We're half way there! If you know someone who might match his sponsorship, please contact me for additional info, or send them my way! Thanks!



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