29 October 2017

Symphonic Sampler -- Upcoming Concert

Northern Utah Youth Symphony and Chamber Orchestras will present their first concert of the 2017-2018 Season, Saturday, November 18, 2017, 3:30 pm at Ogden High School. Admission is free, thanks to our sponsors including Classical Strings and On Track Counseling (Aaron Gardner - Psychotherapist and Neurofeedback).

The Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Nathan West, will open the concert with a Latin-Themed program including Christopher's Fiesta for Strings, Yradier's La Paloma, Graf's arrangement of Yellow Bird, and Hall's Dancing in the Street.

The Northern Utah Youth Symphony, conducted by Conrad Dunn, will then take the stage to perform Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain, Highlights from "Wicked", A Canadian Brass Christmas, and Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto featuring Sarah Francis, a long-time member of the youth symphony.

Northern Utah Youth Symphony and Chamber Orchestras are projects of Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supported in part by the George S and Dolores Dore Eccles foundation, and the Utah Division of Arts and Museums with funding from the State of Utah and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Sarah Francis has been studying violin with Elissa Krebs for 11 years, and has been a member of Northern Utah Youth Symphony for the past five years. She is a junior at Ogden High School, where she has been serving as concertmaster of the Camerata Orchestra for two years. She currently tutors orchestra students at Mount Ogden Junior High School. While at Ogden High School, she has participated in All State Orchestra, and received superior ratings at regional and state solo and ensemble festivals, and, she was the concertmaster for the 2017 Weber State University Honor Orchestra. She loves chamber music. One of her favorite experiences has been participating in summer chamber music camps coached by the Fry Street Quartet and Lee Trio. She currently plays in a violin trio with the Junction City Music School. She has enjoyed participating in master classes and workshops with violinists Sarah Tasker, Chloe Trevor, and Jenny Oaks Baker. She is a volunteer for the Ogden Symphony Ballet Association Youth Guild, and also a member of the National Honor Society. She enjoys participating in musical theater productions, fiddling with friends, attending seminary, storytelling, and teaching piano.

Not a ticketed event.

24 October 2017

NUYS: UTABA, Music Stands, Remind, and Sponsorship Needed

Hello, Folks!

Music Stands

Please be sure to bring a music stand to retreat, plus whatever else is on the list

Camp UTABA is wrong on Google Maps

We'll see you this Friday at Camp UTABA. This link is good. The link on Google Maps when you type "Camp UTABA" seems to not be going far enough. Please be sure to know where you are going. They have a special Driving Directions page on their website, linked here on the CampUTABA.org website.


I'll send a Remind about the music stands. 

However, I also went through the list to see who hadn't joined Remind yet. About half of you haven't done this! Please do it. It's important if we have to cancel a rehearsal for bad weather.

In order to sign up for the 2017-18 Youth Symphony "class" on Remind, please do at least one of the following:

Send a text to sign up for text messages. 
Enter this number: 81010 and text this message: @746kb42

Or you can send an email to sign up for emails.
Send an email to 746kb42@mail.remind.com
You can leave the subject blank. 

Or you can visit this link to join. 

Sponsors for our upcoming concert

Thank you to Grover at Classical Strings for your generosity! Our Ogden High School concert is now partially sponsored.  We're half way there! If you know someone who might match his sponsorship, please contact me for additional info, or send them my way! Thanks!



20 October 2017

Rehearsal Tomorrow


Just a quick reminder that we DO have a regular rehearsal tomorrow for both orchestras, despite fall break!

Have a great day,



18 October 2017

Retreat Schedule

This is our latest draft of the retreat schedule. I've had questions, so I just wanted to get it out to you, even if it's not completely finalized. It will likely change very little. I've also attached a PDF for easy printing.



Retreat 2017


This will be our eighth annual retreat. Not only do we have fun, we get to know each other better, experience a top quality musical experience, and rehearse three times for our upcoming concert. If you cannot stay the night, please be sure to attend as much of the retreat as possible on Friday evening, Saturday morning and/or afternoon. We can let you know what the cost is for the meals you eat if you are unable to stay overnight. We are assuming you are going unless you tell us otherwise.


Approximate Schedule

Friday October 27

4:30pm                         Adults, any youth helpers & equipment arrive & set up

5:00pm                         Youth arrive, set up sleeping quarters, meet in the lodge

6:00pm                         Dinner

6:30pm                         Orchestra Rehearsal (with break)

8:30pm                         Introductions, Play whack-em (you'll probably like it) & other games.   

10:00pm                       Bedtime

10:30pm                       Lights out


Saturday October 28

7:30am                         Rise & Shine, pack up, roll up sleeping bags, etc.

8:00am                         Breakfast. Create skit groups.

8:30am                         **Outdoor pictures with instruments (no bows)

9:00am                         Orchestra Rehearsal

11:00am                       Prepare Skits

11:30pm                       Skit Performances

12:30pm                       Lunch

1:00pm                         Clean cabins; bring luggage to lodge or out to porches (weather permitting)

1:30pm                         Orchestra Rehearsal (with break)

4:00pm                         Snack & debrief

4:30pm                         Final cleaning (lodge & bathrooms)

5:00pm                         Youth picked up, head home before dark (Sunset is 6:30pm)


                                    ** This may be adjusted according to availability of photographer.


Families are responsible for transportation and are encouraged to arrange carpooling.


Contact Information

Julie Gardner's cell phone (435.740.4335) will be on and had service last year!
Doris D'Asto's phone (435.730.5417) will also be on.
You may also contact the Camp UTABA office (
801.745.3570) in an emergency. 

Extra Notes:

*Be sure to bring a sturdy music stand. As not everyone has a sturdy stand, if you have more than one STURDY music stand, bring those too.

*If you have a battery powered LED book light, stand light, or reading light, you may find it useful during rehearsal.

*Saturday snacks will be provided by a committee this year. No need to bring a snack to share.

Other Details:


WHERE:       Camp UTABA, a year-round heated camp facility in Ogden Valley, dedicated to offering affordable lodging for religious, educational, and family gatherings in a safe and beautiful environment. 
It is 5 miles north of the bottom of the North Ogden Divide. 

Please go to Camp UTABA's website for further information:
7005 North Fork Rd
Eden, UT 84310-9679
(801) 745-3570


WHEN:         Arrive Friday, October 28, 5:00pm;

Depart Saturday, October 29, 5:00 pm.


COST:          $50.00, everything included, to be paid in addition to your membership fee


SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS:  Camp UTABA has heated cabins with 8-14 bunks each.  There will be 2 adult chaperones in some cabins, and some cabins will be filled with youth and adult chaperones will be checking on them.


RESTROOMS & SHOWERS: There is a restroom facility in the main lodge, as well as restrooms and showers in a separate building with lovely hot water.




Music Stand


Cushion (optional – for hard cold chair)

Sleeping bag


Change of clothes

Personal care items

Towel, Soap & Shampoo


Extra Blanket



Electronic entertainment


Any prohibited substance


Youth Symphony T-Shirt Orders ASAP


I do not have T-Shirt Orders from the following people. Please check the list below even if you think you already ordered.

Perhaps you ordered, but didn't get all the way to the "Submit" button, or because you ordered and the computer glitched (if you didn't get an email confirmation, it didn't work), or you just haven't done it yet. 

We may still have a fighting chance of getting shirts for retreat if you do this today!



No order from:

A Ames
E Anawalt
J Brown
A Cook
E Corrington
A Corrington
C Dunn
A Fielding
S Fowler
T Francis
S Howell
R Johnson
E King
G Knudson
M Kobe
L Laing
A Larsen
E Lewis
J Lion
L Lowe
B Marker
M Mattson
H Mattson
A Montgomery
G Parkin
E Petersen
A Quintana
K Tarkalson
J Taylor
C Wagstaff
B Woodland


12 October 2017

Mendelssohn Measure Numbers

Hi Folks!

I've done a little study of the measure numbers in the Mendelssohn violin concerto. This will help you with your project which needs to be finished before this Saturday. Put a number at the beginning of each line in your music, and at every letter. If you already have measure numbers on your music (lucky!), put the following numbers at each letter. Then we'll all be on the same page!

Here are the numbers:

A -  25
B -  47
C -  72
D -  113
E -  131
F -  168
G -  206
H -  239
I -  255
Cadenza - 299 (this section with the fermata is worth 19 measures)
Measure after cadenza -  318
K -  351
L -  377
M -  414
N -  453
Piu Presto -  473
Presto -  493
Tutti -  513


Julie & Mr Dunn


Chamber Orchestra T-Shirt Orders


Here is the link to order T-Shirts.

Remember, all musicians get a T-Shirt on us, so everyone needs to fill this out. 

When you fill out the form, you will be asked your size, and to choose a T-Shirt color from this list: Black, Navy Blue, Forest Green, Dark Purple, Hot Pink, and Dark Heather Gray. 

There will be a link on the "submitted" screen where you can submit another form to choose shirts for other people, just in case your mom or grandpa or your beloved black lab decide they want one too. (If you do that, bring the money (or a check written to LBSS) to rehearsal and turn it in asap; extra shirts $10, hoodies $25)

Keep in mind that these are regular, unisex T-Shirts, as you choose your size. (FYI: The youth XL is wider and shorter than the adult S.)


10 October 2017

NUYS TShirt Orders


Remember, all musicians get a T-Shirt on us, so everyone needs to fill this out. 

When you fill out the form, you will be asked your size, and to choose a TShirt color from this list: Black, Navy Blue, Forest Green, Dark Purple, Hot Pink, and Dark Heather Gray. 

There will be a link on the "submitted" screen where you can submit another form to choose shirts for other people, just in case your mom or grandpa or your beloved black lab decide they want one too. (If you do that, bring the money (or a check written to LBSS) to rehearsal and turn it in asap; extra shirts $10, hoodies $25)

Keep in mind that these are regular, unisex T-Shirts, as you choose your size. (FYI: The youth XL is wider and shorter than the adult S.)

Have a super day!



Chamber Retreat Directions & Schedule

We are so excited for our Retreat!
This Saturday!! October 14th!!
Please arrive and be ready to start rehearsal at 10:00 am.
We will eat lunch around noon and fill in the rest of the time with fun games and rehearsals.
We will end at 4:00.

To find a map from your location:
Google "earley park lds camp"
Click on "directions"
This will pull up a Google map from your location.
There are 3 entrances into Earley Park.
1. There is an entrance off of Hwy 38. There is a small wooden sign that says Earley Park and a dirt road that goes east up into the hills. This road is fine to take but will require you to drive a little longer on a dirt road.
2. There is an entrance on Hwy 30 approximately 3 miles east of the Hwy 38 and Hwy 30 junction. There is also a small wooden sign that says Earley Park.
3. There is another entrance on Hwy 30. This entrance is 3.8 miles east of the Hwy 38 and Hwy 30 junction. It is on 2400 N. There is a large wooden sign that says Earley Park.
All 3 of these entrances will require you to drive a short way up into the park, but just follow the signs and you'll get there just fine.

Music Folder
Food Assignment
* If you haven't signed up for a food assignment yet, please do so by clicking on the following link.

If you need a ride to or from the Retreat, please contact me. (Jenny 435.279.6403 or jenmurrow@gmail.com )

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!!! If you have any questions, please let me know.

Jenny Murrow

05 October 2017

Chamber Retreat

Retreat Volunteers Needed.

Our Retreat is fast approaching! Saturday, October 14, 10:00-4:00. We are in need of volunteers to help in the kitchen. We also need volunteers to bring the following items:

1 crockpot of soup 
2-4 dozen rolls
Veggie tray + dip
Fruit tray
Cookies or Brownies/Bars

Please sign up to help in the kitchen or to bring a food item on the volunteer spreadsheet. 

The link for the volunteer spreadsheet is:

Please be sure to look through it and see where you might be able to help, and sign up! If you have technical difficulties and find yourself unable to fill in your name, just send me an email. I'll happily add it for you. We appreciate everyone who's willing to help.

Jenny Murrow 

03 October 2017

NUYS Retreat Cabin Assignments

Hi Folks!

Please fill out this form. You can assist me in my current project of assigning where you will sleep on the retreat by taking less than two minutes to do this!

Also, if you are interested in joining us but haven't recorded your audition video, come to rehearsal anyway! We'd rather know what your plans are, and whether you are coming or not, than wait for a video.

See you Saturday for regular rehearsal, 8:30 to 11:00. Deep gratitude to those who have been arriving early to help set up... My heroes!

Thanks again,

Julie Gardner

PS  Here is a copy and paste link for the form if the one above doesn't work: