19 September 2017

Presenting NUYS 2017-18

Announcing your 2017-18 Northern Utah Youth Symphony!

This is an alphabetical list, by instrument, in score order. 

If you did not get a packet last Saturday, please download and print it out here.

Please arrive extra early this Saturday. Doors open at 8 am, but I will be there much earlier to get all music distributed and seating arranged. 

The Parent Meeting is this Saturday after rehearsal. Check your packet, or download at the link above, for important forms to fill out and turn in with your membership fee.

Christina Blanchard
Camilla Burnett
Allison Cook
Julia Lopez
Giovanni Pérez

Hannah Harding
Eleanor Nelson
Colby Stevens

Ayanna Briggs
Ashley Montgomery

*Chad Wagstaff

French Horn
Tanner Schulz
*Valerie Neslen

Drew Burnett
Kitsel Lusted
Jacob Rockwood 
Abby Scott

Boston Marker
*Tom Francis

Eliza Corrington
Jordan Neslen
Ambree Burggraaf

Ambree Burggraaf

Aidan Ames
Kaitlin Ashworth
Elisa Bailey
Joyanne Bills
Erin Blanchard
Abigail Blanchard
Anna Blanchard
Jillian Brown
Grant Christensen
Sarah Clark
Eliza Corrington
Anjali Edwards
Samuel Fowler
Sarah Francis
Stephanie Furfaro
*Rachel Gardner
Lauren Giddings
Rebecca Hales
Richard Hales
Jocinda Hales
Stephen Hales
Meaghan Hankins
William Herem
Landyn Hinojosa
Zoie Horsley
Mari Kobe
Leah Laing
Macey Mattson
Hattie Mattson
Katerina Mayerle
Hannah Meeks
Amelia Merkley
Kristene Murrow
Natalie Navarro
Natalie Nef
Jordan Neslen
Jackson Neslen
Sydney Neslen
Danielle Noorda
Magdalena Poulos
Quin Powell
Jen Russell
Cassie Smith
Benjamin Woodland

Aleesa Barker
Brinley Billings
Alyssa Fielding
Carter Johnson
Kylee Jones
Talmage Kay
Julia Lion
Gabriel Parkin
Erik Petersen
Aaron Rutherford
Jacee Taylor
Elizabeth Wagstaff

Ally Bruner
Emilee Burggraaf
Bailey Connell
Eliza Correa
Alex Corrington
Hailee Dubovik
Carter Fielding
Samantha Howell
Sam Leake
Avalon Marker
Julian Mitton
Hallie Morris
Dallin Murrow 
Hannah Peterson
Abby Quintana
Khegan Tarkalson
Emma Tracy

Ethan Anawalt
Emma King
Eliza Lewis
*Daniel Tracy

​*Denotes adult volunteers. Whenever you see them, thank them!

he website is a 
​searchable ​
​ where​
ll group emails are posted
And be sure to use our ​Attendance Form​ to let us know if you are arriving late, leaving early, or missing a rehearsal.

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