12 June 2017

Tour: Last Minute Items and Clothing Clarification

Saturday's rehearsal was FANTASTIC!  We are so excited for this week.  Here are a few reminders and Performance Attire clarifications:

Departure Time
Our meeting time is now 7:30 AM at Promontory.  Please arrive a little before.  You will be tagging your luggage (luggage tags provided) and when the bus arrives at 7:45 am you will help load.  It will be important for us to depart by 8:30 am.

Day One:  Reminder:  Bring a Sack lunch for Cove Fort.
You will also be given a bus ride snack and at Cove Fort we will hand you bottled water for your lunch. 

Day Two: We have ordered 6" Subway sandwiches and will provide lunch items (drink, chips, cookies etc.) for our ride to Zion.  
There will also be a snack provided for Zion.

Day Three:  Please bring lunch money.  A bus ride snack will also be provided.

Attire Clarification
Cove Fort Performance:  NUYS T-shirt or any other solid color shirt (no logo shirts) with clean, decent (no holes) bottoms i.e., pants, or capri, or knee length shorts or skirt, khaki or jeans. This is what you will wear onto the bus Wednesday morning! 

Workshop #1 & Workshop #2:  NUYS T-shirt or any other solid color shirt with jeans. (These are first thing Thursday and Friday mornings.)

Zion Excursion:  Sturdy shoes, hiking attire, sunblock, hat recommended, water bottle. Shorts OK. (Thursday, right after Workshop #1)

Tuacahn Performances:  Your New NUYS Tour Shirt (provided first day of tour), khaki bottoms, i.e. pants, capri, knee length shorts or skirt.  (If you can avoid it, shorts NOT preferred at these performances.)

For the entire trip: Please no tank tops/cami tops/ no shoulders or bellies/ no short shorts.  We care about what we're doing and want to look the part of a professional group! We reserve the right to invite you to change into something more appropriate for the performance if deemed necessary.

The Tuacahn Stage and the Mini Amphitheater Stage were built especially so that the performers would not be in any direct sun so it should be a little cooler and there should be no sunglasses necessary!

Thank you!

Debra and Julie

PS If you have any questions, please please ask! 

he website is a 
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And be sure to use our ​Attendance Form​ to let us know if you are arriving late, leaving early, or missing a rehearsal.

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