06 June 2017

Important Tour Information: Parents Please Read

Tour Parents and Participants:

We have a few items that need attention:

Case Measurements
Please, Please, Please RIGHT NOW, grab a tape measure and input on the Google form your case measurements.  We are trying to finalize a trailer and transportation of our equipment!  

Are Your Traveling With Us?
We're also interested in knowing which families will be traveling with us on tour.  Please reply to this email if you are 1) Car-a-van-ing with us and leaving with us from Promontory and returning with us to Promontory OR 2) Traveling to St. George but going to meet the group there = see you at the first concert at Tuacahn!

Please plan to only have your musician pack a "carry on" size piece of luggage and only ONE piece of luggage.  A purse, pillow, blanket and to do things can sit in the seat with the musician, but all other luggage will be put in a trailer or under the bus.  We are making room for instruments first, then luggage since we will only be gone three days.  Here are the
​ luggage​
dimensions:  22 x 14 x 9

A final itinerary is attached. Please note that some events changed days i.e., the Back Stage Tour.  This was mainly due to being able to store our instruments in the hotel versus a hot bus while at Zion's.  

Departure Time
Our departure time is now 7:30 AM at Promontory.
 This is due to a rule that bus drivers can only be on the road so many hours.  In order to make the performance time at Cove Fort and then our Back Stage Tour, we have to change bus drivers in SLC.

Performing Attire
  • Cove Fort:  NUYS T-shirt or any other solid color shirt (no logo shirts) with khaki bottoms i.e., pants, or capri, or knee length shorts or skirt.  

  • Workshop #1 & Workshop #2:  NUYS T-shirt or any other  solid color shirt with jeans.

  • Zion:  Sturdy shoes, hiking attire, sunblock, hat recommended, water bottle.

  • Tuacahn Performances:  New NUYS Tour Shirt (provided first day of tour), khaki bottoms (see Cove Fort).  Shorts NOT preferred at these performances.

  • Please no tank tops/cami tops/ no shoulders or bellies/ no short shorts.  We care about what we're doing and want to look the part of a professional group! We reserve the right to invite you to change into something more appropriate for the performance if deemed necessary.

  • The Tuacahn Stage and the Mini Amphitheater Stage were buil
    especially so that the performers would not be in any direct sun so it should be a little cooler and no sunglasses necessary!

Lunch Money
Reminder to send a little money with your musician.  Originally we were planning on stopping to get meals twice but due to time restrictions, we will provide the lunch on Day 2.  Your musician will be responsible for any lunch funds for Day 3.  In addition, there is a gift shop if your musician wants a souvenir.

Is Your Student Riding Home with You?
If your student will not be riding the bus home, PLEASE WRITE A NOTE ON A SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER WITH YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER and provide it to Debra on the morning of Departure.  

Rehearsal Saturday
Another reminder for rehearsal Saturday.  It's a long but necessary one and thank everyone that can make it!  Rehearsal starts at 8:30 am.  Please see the previous email for more rehearsal details.

he website is a 
​searchable ​
​ where​
ll group emails are posted
And be sure to use our ​Attendance Form​ to let us know if you are arriving late, leaving early, or missing a rehearsal.

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