20 June 2017

Fwd: Tour :)


I sent an invitation to everyone so you have access to a folder on Google Drive to share pictures. If you didn't get that invitation
​, please contact us for the link. ​
Only those who have been given access will be able to use this link.

I already put all of my pictures in. There really aren't very many! I hope you all have amazing ones to add as well! (This one is from Mrs Fielding.)

And here, in the order written, is the series of Limericks we composed on the way home. (Realize, folks, that the last 3 verses were written in the last 3 miles, and no one is allowed to be offended!)

The musicians of NUYS
They really think they are the best
If they watch Mr Dunn
Performing's more fun
Where they're going next you'll never guess

The viola's the very best section
They don't really remember the question
Two measures ago
They lost all control
Their bows are in different directions

Percussion likes banging the gong
They never can see the baton
Don't ask them to play
They've been counting all day
And they don't know what measure they're on

Our conductor is really so old
His truck always breaks on the road
He's often* so late
But we still think he's great
He's shrinking but still leads our fold

The first
are cocky and smart
They think they own every part
They steal melodies
So make them stop please
Balance is truly an art 
(Keep it down up there!)

The seconds are rather neglected
For solos they're never selected
They try really hard
So bless their dear hearts
A species that should be protected

They cellos are seldom* in tune
O please take them out of the room
We want some relief 
From all of this grief
A sectional's needed soon

The brass is always too loud
They really are all rather proud
They play with pizzazz
And they can play jazz
We need them to please the crowd

For woodwinds we write a haiku
We've run out of time - what to do
The basses are great
They determine our fate
And we really like touring with you!

*I've replaced always and never with often and seldom. Just to be less snarky!

​The chorus to the Limerick song is:
Aye, aye, aye, aye
In China they never grow chili
So sing me another verse
That's worse than the first verse
Make sure that it's foolish and silly!

Have a great summer!


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