15 May 2017

Important NUYS Notes

1. Pictures
The full resolution pictures are in the folder I previously sent the link to. Here it is again: 

2. NO Tour REHEARSAL for the next two weeks. 
Last two rehearsals are June 3 & 10, 8:30 to 11:00
Informal concert for parents after June 10th rehearsal.

3. PARTY May 27.
Don't forget to come if you're in town! Info Here.

There is no way we will be ready for tour without your practicing. Here are some carefully chosen links to enhance (not replace) your practicing!

Prince of Egypt
Stephen Schwartz & Charles Sayre

The Lord of the Dance 
Ronan Hardimann & Larry Moore

Grand March from "Tannhauser" 
Richard Wagner & Vernon F Leidig
http://www.alfred-music.com/product_info.php?products_id=5779 (click the mp3 icon). This is much slower than rehearsal.

Russian Sailor's Dance
Reinhold Gliere & Merle Isaac

Aboriginal Rituals 
Elliot Del Borgo

Irish Tune from County Derry (Danny Boy) 
Percy Grainger

Mission Impossible 
Lalo Schifrin & Calvin Custer

How to Train Your Dragon 
John Powell & Sean O'Loughlin
https://youtu.be/FfOuif5v554 (this is a band arrangement of our music, but ours is better because there is some stuff that's just not there, but you don't need this anyway because you already know it...)

he website is a 
​searchable ​
​ where​
ll group emails are posted
And be sure to use our ​Attendance Form​ to let us know if you are arriving late, leaving early, or missing a rehearsal.

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