17 May 2017

A Message from the LBSS Chairman

Dear Symphony Members & Families,


     It has been a great 2016-2017 season! Thank you for all your hard work and the time invested in preparing, rehearsing, and performing.  The season ended on such a 'high note' with your fantastic program last week.  J  You deserved the standing ovations.

     When I review in my mind all that you have done and achieved, I am so proud of you and also very thankful we have Mr. Dunn and Julie leading our team.  We couldn't have done any of this without their leadership and each and every one of the youth.

   Look at what you've accomplished this year:

  • August:  Concerto Auditions
  • September:  Symphony Auditions; first rehearsal
  • October:  Camp UTABA overnight retreat
  • November:  1st concert of the season: Mountain Crest High.  Fabulous concert.
  • December:  Christmas party
  • January:  2nd Annual Recital Night at the Tabernacle
  • February:  2nd concert of the season:  Ogden High School.  Another fabulous concert.
  • March:  Abravanel Hall – Youth Symphony Festival; Gala Celebration.
  • April:  3rd and final concert of the season:  Box Elder High School.  The music was great!
  • May/June:  Tour rehearsals;  End-of-year party
  • June:  1st tour in 12 years:  Tuacahn, here we come.
  • Summer:  Relax and enjoy the memories of a very satisfying season.

   The Board of Directors and staff have worked hard to offer you this program.  As usual, we will evaluate the 2016-2017 season over the summer to determine what can be improved and how to implement it.  Your input would be appreciated.

    We are very thankful for the parent volunteers who stepped up to help us with specific activities.  You offered us a lot of skills, talents and your precious time to take over many jobs we could not do ourselves.

    In that respect, we ask you to consider if you would be interested in being more involved in our program.  Perhaps you have ideas for the direction of the program and would like to apply to be on our Board of Directors.  All our programs begin as ideas and dreams which are translated into reality at the Board level.  If you have leadership qualities or would just love supporting our talented youth, please let us know; fresh ideas and energy are always appreciated!


Thank you,


Doris D'Asto (dorisadasto@gmail.com)

Chairman, Board of Directors

Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society

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