20 April 2017

NUYS Reminders


Only 3 items today:

1. This Saturday, bring your $10 for the group picture. Checks to LBSS, or cash. Remember, we need ALL musicians to participate in this. Click here for the previous email with more information, including details about logistics for next Tuesday.

2. The parent meeting for tour is directly after rehearsal, 11 to 11:30. Even if rehearsal runs long (see #3 below), the meeting will still start at 11:00. After coming down the entry hallway, just go right, down the west hallway. You'll find Debra Francis & the meeting down there. 

3. No sectionals this Saturday. Rehearsal also might run 30 minutes overtime as we prepare for our upcoming concert. Just a heads up so you can be prepared to stay if your schedule allows. Thanks!

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ll group emails are posted
And be sure to use our ​Attendance Form​ to let us know if you are arriving late, leaving early, or missing a rehearsal.

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