02 March 2017

NUYS Announcements

​​Please Read... There might be a quiz... with prizes! 

Last Week's Concert:
Congrats on a great concert! Thanks especially to all who stepped up and volunteered in my absence, specifically the Francis, Aedo, Suiter, Neslen and Hankins families, but really those are just the ones with specific assignments, so thanks to everyone! 

Upcoming Schedule:
Rehearsal time is back to "normal" this week ~ 8:30 to 11:00 am. Messiah Rehearsal immediately following until noon. The online calendar is up to date. I will not be at our March 11 rehearsal. 

Attendance form:
Please be sure to fill out the attendance form if you are going to be late, leave early, or be absent. It helps us in setting up to keep the gaps to a minimum. If you know you will be missing any time in the future, you can fill it out now, weeks early. The signature at the bottom of every email includes a link to this form.

Big Announcement:
We have the Gershwin! We are performing Rhapsody in Blue with Hubert Kim in April.  I was totally surprised to see the music so early! It seems that the rental company it comes from operates differently from the one that sent previous rentals. This means we can start working earlier! Come ready to work this Saturday on new music as well as on parts of the Tchaikovsky.

Abravanel Hall:
At Abravanel Hall we will be performing Finlandia and Tchaikovsky.

Very Important: Permission slips are due this Saturday. Contribute to the enjoyment of my March 8-12 trip to Pittsburgh for my daughter's recital by following through with this easy task. 

Please check the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the permission slip; if you've already signed it, you're not quite done! Please note whether your musician will be riding the bus, and which stop s/he will meet the bus. If you are a Venture Student, you may add "Venture High" as a stop on the form because it's so close to the freeway. You may also meet the bus at one stop on the way down and ride back to a different stop on the way home.

Gala Celebration, March 18, 2017, 6 pm:
The Gala Ticket sales continue. Please participate in this event. It's super fun and for a GREAT cause. :)

Silent Auction Basket Donation Themes:
The week before the concert, we drew little papers with themes for each section of the orchestra to donate items for silent auction baskets for the Gala Celebration. 

We are also looking for additional donations from local businesses! The Utah Jazz donated two autographed photos just because I asked! We received them this week. But two photos of jumping Jazz players does not a silent auction make. 

I will have a box at rehearsal this week, and make sure there is box there in my absence next week, to collect items for the baskets. 

Here are the themes:
Violin I ~ Chocolate Lovers
Violin II ~ Summer Fun
Viola & Bass ~ Camping
Cello ~ Pamper Me (Salon)
Woodwinds ~ Game Night
Brass & Percussion ~ Kitchen
NUYCO Group 1 ~ Disney
NUYCO Group 2 ~ Sports

Silent Auction Collaboration Link ~ Here I have included a link to the Silent Auction Collaboration. It's a fully editable spreadsheet where you can share who you have talked to - or are planning to talk to - for silent auction donations. You should at least click the link and see where I've applied so far. :)

Here is a letter you can use to beg for donations. :) It includes an option to request a donation for an "auxiliary auction" to take place at our April 25 season finale concert (in case we have passed someone's deadline for donations by March 18).

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ll group emails are posted
And be sure to use our ​Attendance Form​ to let us know if you are arriving late, leaving early, or missing a rehearsal.

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