27 January 2017

Rehearsal Schedule - Starts at 8 AM!!!!


Tomorrow the weather will be super fine, and we can't wait to see you!

When you arrive tomorrow, you will receive your trumpet concerto music if you haven't already picked it up. 

Here is a link to a video; if you haven't watched it yet, just get a snack and sit down and make yourself do it before tomorrow. This is a link I haven't sent before. It's a video where you can watch the score! Super cool. 
Just. Do. It. :)

Time Schedule Tomorrow
Tomorrow's rehearsal will be starting at 8:00 am with sectionals in the following locations:

Woodwinds, to the right then left
Brass, to the left then right
Violin 1, library
Violin 2, to the right then right (by the woodwinds)
Viola, entry hall
Cello-Bass, cafeteria
Percussion, practice room

Brass and woodwind sectionals will go until 9:30.
Strings will come together for a full sectional at 9:00.
Break 9:30-9:40. 

At 9:40, Drew will perform his concerto with his mom accompanying, and with Mr Dunn "cuing" the orchestra while you all follow along in your music. 

Rehearsal will end at 11:30. 

Messiah rehearsal until 12:30.

Water & Snack
I know it'll be a long morning! Bring a water bottle and a granola bar or other snack if you will need it.

See you tomorrow!!!!


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