06 January 2017

NUYS Tour Details


Can you believe it's been 3 weeks? I'm glad we are getting started again tomorrow! There is much to do before our Feb 25 concert!

For everyone that signed up for tour, I think it's getting better and better!

We have added a stop (with performance) at Cove Fort on the way down, and a visit to Zion National Park (no performance) on the way home.


For everyone who paid a deposit, here's how it's working. The January 15th deposit of $100 each will be paid by LBSS to Educational Tours in one giant check. This means if you already paid $50, the other $50 is due either this week (preferred) or next (as a last resort). Please make checks payable to LBSS. If you already paid $100, you just need a form filled out (see below).

Thereafter, Educational Tours will issue you a coupon book and you will pay your tour fees directly to them. 


We have two people signed up for a February fundraiser. Hopefully you've copied and sent out your December fundraiser (the letter requesting donations from all your friends and relatives), so by February you will know exactly how much more you need to raise.

Important Form Info:

Tomorrow we will have an official brochure (revised from other times) with a contract. Even if you've already paid your $100, we need this little contract so Educational Tours can set up your account. Hopefully I'll also have this brochure to send electronically by the end of today, in case you want to print it at home and just send it in to us.

he website is a 
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ll group emails are posted
And be sure to use our ​Attendance Form​ to let us know if you are arriving late, leaving early, or missing a rehearsal.

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