06 October 2016

Tour FAQs

Northern Utah Youth Symphony National Festival of the States Tour 2017
Gettysburg, PA & Washington, DC ¯ Week of June 12-17, 2017
Tour FAQs

When has NUYS (or Lincoln Youth Symphony) toured?
In 2007 Northern Utah Youth Symphony (a different organization, Mr Dunn's Orchestra) toured to Jamestown, VA.
Lincoln Youth Symphony also toured to the following places:
2000 Vancouver, BC; 2001 Santa Fe, NM; 2002 Hawaii;
2003 & 2004 San Diego, CA; 2005 Boise, ID

Is this a “once in a life-time” tour?
It could be.  This may be the one opportunity to play on the hallowed grounds of Gettysburg.  At this time, we don’t know of any youth symphony group that has performed at Gettysburg National Park.  In August, the park sponsors a two-day music event that features traditional Civil War musical instruments (fife, drums, mandolin etc).  Who knows (maybe only Google), but we could be the first! 

Will NUYS tour next year?
NUYS would like to take the next step and offer a tour option every other year. 

When is the 2017 Washington D.C./Gettysburg tour?
The week of June 12 – 17
From the parent meeting survey, those selecting “I want to attend and will pay a $100.00 deposit…” overwhelmingly determined the tour date.   Specific days/times during that week will be determined after October 15th.

What about traveling with my instrument?
NUYS and the Music Celebrations will be working with local schools in the Washington area to borrow larger instruments as well as music stands.  As the tour plans progress, details will be announced when available.

Can I take my family?
Yes!  But the tour requires NUYS FIRST to have (50) committed musicians, mainly for instrumentation.  NUYS is made up of talented young musicians and has such a rich sound.  We would not want to present anything less. 

How much will it cost my family members?
Right now, we anticipate the costs to be the same as musicians (based on quad occupancy and number of participants).  If a family decides to only put one or two people in a hotel room, there are additional fees.  The fees are outlined in the brochure by Music Celebrations.  This portion of the tour is still being outlined.
My student does not have a job.  How can he/she earn money?
We do understand that not everyone is old enough to hold a job and not every family can provide the tour cost without additional support.  When the tour is confirmed, a Fundraising Committee will get to work offering opportunities for student participation to cover individual costs.  Each month, a fundraising opportunity will be provided to help students raise the estimated $200 per month per student needed to meet the deposit requirements.  Our first fundraiser is outlined:

October:  “NUYS Sponsorship Letter” for Family & Friends
Musicians will be provided a letter outlining the NUYS tour that can be handed out to prospective donors.  Individuals will have the opportunity to donate to an individual’s tour costs.  This method has proven effective with school tour trips.

Other fund raisers might include selling items such as hot chocolate, Fat Boys, Papa Murphy’s Gift Cards etc.  These will be determined by the Fundraising Committee after October 15th and one a month will be offered for those interested in participating.

How Much Does an individual earn from fundraisers?
Typically, a student can earn up to 40% per item sold on an individual fundraiser.  Some fundraisers are dependent on the drive of the seller.  For example, at one school, a student sold 17 boxes of Fat Boys and raised $170 individually.

Will NUYS Fundraise as a Group?
Yes.  NUYS will continue to expand on the Gala and possibly hold an additional group fund raiser to raise funds over and beyond the essential operating costs.  It’s important for NUYS to raise funds first for the operating costs of the organization (through the grocery store cards & the Gala), then raise funds for the tour.

When will the payments be due?
Based on the payment schedule from Music Celebrations, we have outlined the following payment proposal:
October 15:           $100 deposit
November 15:       $200
December 15:       $200
January 15:            $200
February 15:         $200
March 15:              $200

April 15:                 $300

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