25 April 2016



Just a quick email with the schedule, and one more plug for a few more families to sign up for dinner! Thanks for your generosity! If you haven't signed up, please go have a look. :)

Thursday Schedule, Box Elder High School, 380 S 600 W, Brigham City 84302
3:30 pm - Set Up 
4:00 pm - NUYS Rehearsal 
4:45 pm - NUYCO dinner 
about 5:15 pm - NUYCO joins NUYS on stage
about 5:30 pm - NUYS excused to eat
Call Time - 6:30 pm
Concert - 7:00 pm

Thanks to PetsFirst! Wellness Center for sponsoring this concert so we may invite our families and friends to attend for Free!

If you see an article in the paper, let us know! We'd like to save a copy. 

See ya Thursday!

Julie Gardner
Conrad Dunn

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