20 April 2016

Dinner on Concert Day

Please go to our nifty spreadsheet and sign up to help! This is better than passing around a sign up sheet since it's more likely that parents will know what they'd like to bring, and what will be feasible that day for your family. 
  • Chamber Orchestra will be invited to eat beginning at 4:45 pm. They will join Youth Symphony on stage at 5:15 for their combined piece, after which they will rehearse on stage and Youth Symphony will eat.
  • Please enter your name in any yellow square to help out... And try to keep the lists even with each other.
  • Bring a serving utensil for your item, and bring it in a ready-to-use format (slice the tomatoes before you come)
  • Be sure to label all items with your name, and pick them up afterwards. 
  • Rolls and meat for the sandwiches will be provded. 
  • Thanks so much to Lisa Brasher for organizing, and for the moms who have already volunteered to help that day. 
  • More help is needed that day, so if you can, there is also a space to volunteer.
Thanks so much. 

Julie Gardner
Lisa Brasher

PS. If the link above does not work, here is the lovely long copy/paste URL: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QEIxLZAJc652_FTNLKolO65M6IMxzXZNzauL3jmoZpc/edit?usp=sharing


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