30 March 2016

Reminders and Stuff


Who Is This?
First, whoever gave me the Texas Roadhouse Gift Cards for the Silent Auction, THANK YOU, but I'm not sure who it was! Duh! Please tell me who you are so you get 2 entries into the $100 drawing!

Gala Tickets
We (Read: Julie and Doris) are getting nervous (seems like an annual thing) about ticket sales for the Gala (April 9, 6 pm, BC Senior Center, $15). With the deadline for the caterer looming, we need to sell about 120 more tickets before next Tuesday. 

Can you help? I have set up a Facebook event so it's easy for you to spread the word. If you don't have enough tickets, go ahead and collect money, turn it in to Josie on Saturday and pick up tickets then. 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, ask your student for the envelope in their folder with tickets and instructions. Tickets are numbered. All unsold tickets must be returned before the event.


Here is the Facebook event link. I even spent $11 and "boosted" the post. Never have I done such a strange thing! 

Silent Auction
If you are negotiating with your employer (like Sydnee did with Papa Murphy's) or another business for a silent auction item, it's not too late! Go for it! Here is the letter that we have been using to convince people to donate. 

Frankly, I'm embarrassed to say, I don't think I've shared this letter with enough people, but it works. Here's Proof: Check out the updated list of silent auction items here. It's all in one post. I've been updating it.

Rehearsal Schedule
Reminder that this Saturday's rehearsal is only 8 to 10 am. Please be early, and come ready to focus and work hard. :)

Oh, and thanks for the great Basket Response last Saturday. When you read through the list below, if I have your item in the wrong category, let me know. Also, two of the groups.... well, they need more STUFF, and it's not hard to get more than NOTHING, so bring something! :)

Chamber Orchestra: 
Violin 1 and Viola -- Chocolate Lovers
Violin 2, Cello and Bass -- Movie Night 
microwave popcorn
cool red and white popcorn boxes
Youth Symphony: 
Violin 1 -- Camping and Outdoors
camper's s'mores grill
Ozark trail LED lantern
tarp kit 
outdoor survival guide
compass carabiner
jalapeno salsa pumpkin seeds  
oat snack 
peel & stick fabric patches
mountainsmith sling shaped cooler tube
Violin 2 (odd folder #s) -- Game Night
family feud
farkle plus score cards 
playing cards
left center right
phase 10
uno (x2)
beat the parents
Violin 2 (even folder #s) -- Summer Fun
Water Balloon Kit
Sidewalk Chalk (x2)
Extra Large Beach Tote
Shark Beach Ball
stilts dinosaur feet
2 jump ropes 
butterfly net
Viola & Bass -- Man Cave (music, electronics, tools, stuff that appeals to DAD)
plaque: I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday
"Ogden made" very (VERY) nice bag for cave man stuff
Cello -- Kitchen
Woodwinds -- Salon "Pamper Me"
fructis shampoo - large bottle
aloha waterfall orchid body lotion, shower gel and shower scrubby from bath & body works
Brass & Percussion -- Disney
Star Wars kite 
Inside Out DVD

Thanks, everyone. If I think of something else, I may send another email. Sorry to be so verbose!

See you Saturday. 

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