25 March 2016

Baskets and Silent Auction


Just wanted to keep the energy flowing for the fundraiser. I know it's a busy time, but if you can take a minute and think through this, it will make my job a lot easier!

All silent auction and basket items are being stored at my house, so you can bring them tomorrow. So far, most items have been collected by board members, and we are not eligible for the $100 prize! I think I have 5 items that have been collected for the silent auction by students. Your odds are really high for winning the $100 prize, but I'd like to see more competition!

I have created a blog post with pictures of auction items which I will update with additional items as they come in. It's on the website. Here is the link. I will try and keep this updated, but there are already items that need to be added, so keep checking back! Eventually I'll also add basket collections... :)

Reminder for baskets. Here is a list including items that have been donated for each basket. If there is nothing under a specific section I have not received anything for that basket yet. If it's a perishable food item, please hold off and bring it on April 9th, if possible (but I don't mind knowing ahead of time what you are bringing).
Chamber Orchestra: 
Violin 1 and Viola -- Chocolate Lovers
Violin 2, Cello and Bass -- Movie Night 
Youth Symphony: 
Violin 1 -- Camping and Outdoors
Corn Popper for Campfire, Stovetop or Fireplace
Storm-proof matches
Insulated folding picnic basket, hot pink!
Violin 2 (odd folder #s) -- Game Night
Violin 2 (even folder #s) -- Summer Fun
Water Balloon Kit
Sidewalk Chalk (x2)
Extra Large Beach Tote
Shark Beach Ball
Viola & Bass -- Man Cave
Cello -- Kitchen
Woodwinds -- Salon "Pamper Me"
Brass & Percussion -- Disney
So, as you can see, we are in need of massive participation! We had so much fun with the drawing, right? :)

Thanks to everyone that has sold tickets. There are still over 100 seats available. Please support this effort if you can, and if people can't come, ask for a donation instead. That counts for the ticket sales contest as well!


PS We are also serving dinner at Box Elder High School to the Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra on May 20 when they come for tour. This will also be a fundraiser for our group. Please let me know if you are interested in helping.

If you have read this far, come tell me tomorrow so I can applaud you!

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