30 March 2016

Reminders and Stuff


Who Is This?
First, whoever gave me the Texas Roadhouse Gift Cards for the Silent Auction, THANK YOU, but I'm not sure who it was! Duh! Please tell me who you are so you get 2 entries into the $100 drawing!

Gala Tickets
We (Read: Julie and Doris) are getting nervous (seems like an annual thing) about ticket sales for the Gala (April 9, 6 pm, BC Senior Center, $15). With the deadline for the caterer looming, we need to sell about 120 more tickets before next Tuesday. 

Can you help? I have set up a Facebook event so it's easy for you to spread the word. If you don't have enough tickets, go ahead and collect money, turn it in to Josie on Saturday and pick up tickets then. 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, ask your student for the envelope in their folder with tickets and instructions. Tickets are numbered. All unsold tickets must be returned before the event.


Here is the Facebook event link. I even spent $11 and "boosted" the post. Never have I done such a strange thing! 

Silent Auction
If you are negotiating with your employer (like Sydnee did with Papa Murphy's) or another business for a silent auction item, it's not too late! Go for it! Here is the letter that we have been using to convince people to donate. 

Frankly, I'm embarrassed to say, I don't think I've shared this letter with enough people, but it works. Here's Proof: Check out the updated list of silent auction items here. It's all in one post. I've been updating it.

Rehearsal Schedule
Reminder that this Saturday's rehearsal is only 8 to 10 am. Please be early, and come ready to focus and work hard. :)

Oh, and thanks for the great Basket Response last Saturday. When you read through the list below, if I have your item in the wrong category, let me know. Also, two of the groups.... well, they need more STUFF, and it's not hard to get more than NOTHING, so bring something! :)

Chamber Orchestra: 
Violin 1 and Viola -- Chocolate Lovers
Violin 2, Cello and Bass -- Movie Night 
microwave popcorn
cool red and white popcorn boxes
Youth Symphony: 
Violin 1 -- Camping and Outdoors
camper's s'mores grill
Ozark trail LED lantern
tarp kit 
outdoor survival guide
compass carabiner
jalapeno salsa pumpkin seeds  
oat snack 
peel & stick fabric patches
mountainsmith sling shaped cooler tube
Violin 2 (odd folder #s) -- Game Night
family feud
farkle plus score cards 
playing cards
left center right
phase 10
uno (x2)
beat the parents
Violin 2 (even folder #s) -- Summer Fun
Water Balloon Kit
Sidewalk Chalk (x2)
Extra Large Beach Tote
Shark Beach Ball
stilts dinosaur feet
2 jump ropes 
butterfly net
Viola & Bass -- Man Cave (music, electronics, tools, stuff that appeals to DAD)
plaque: I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday
"Ogden made" very (VERY) nice bag for cave man stuff
Cello -- Kitchen
Woodwinds -- Salon "Pamper Me"
fructis shampoo - large bottle
aloha waterfall orchid body lotion, shower gel and shower scrubby from bath & body works
Brass & Percussion -- Disney
Star Wars kite 
Inside Out DVD

Thanks, everyone. If I think of something else, I may send another email. Sorry to be so verbose!

See you Saturday. 

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Silent Auction Items!

Silent Auction 2016!
This post will be updated as additional photos become available.

Donated by Real Salt Lake
Six Tickets and a VIP Pre-Game Tour of Rio Tinto Stadium.

Donated by Maddox Ranch House
Three $25 Gift Certificates

$50 Gift Certificate

Donated by Murphy's Appliance
Dirt Devil Cyclonic Upright Vacuum

Donated by Jared Luther, Photographer
Large framed photo of Mr Dunn conducting

Two $25 Gift Cards

Donated by Connie Herem
The Pie and Pastry Bible, 9.5" Pyrex Pie Plate, Pie Server

Purple Box Elder Bees Hoodie, Size M

Heather Gray Box Elder Bees T-Shirt, Size L

Donated by Get Away Today
$100 Gift Certificate towards a vacation package!

Donated by Deer Valley Resort
Two Lift Passes for pleasure or mountain biking to be used over the summer
$40 each

Donated by Classical Strings, Grover Wilhelmsen
One $50 Gift Certificate for Repairs/Rehair
One $50 Gift Certificate for Strings
and also

Violin Shoulder Rest

View # 2, same violin shoulder rest

Violin Shoulder Rest

Viola Shoulder Rest

Snark Clamp Tuner (2)

Snark Tuner (2)

Jade Rosin (1 Bass & 2 Violin-Viola-Cello)

Wire Frame

Donated by Gamestop
2 T-Shirts

Donated by Bert's Cafe, Brigham City, $10 Gift Cards (2)

Donated by BC Outdoors - Free Ski Rental

Donated by Fiiz, Free Drink or Cookie (6)

Donated by Gamer's Asylum, $20 Gift Card

Donated by Hunan Village, $20 Gift Certificate (2)

Donated by Domino's Pizza
2 Large 2-Topping Pizzas + Breadsticks

Donated by Great Clips, Free Haircut (3)

Donated by Papa Murphy's, Free Large 1-Topping Pizza (3)

Donated by The Sportsman
Free Bike Full Tune-Up

Donated by Angie's - $10 Gift Card

Donated by Anniversary Inn - $100 Gift Certificate

Donated by the Utah Jazz
Autographed Photo of Gordon Hayward, #20

Autographed Photo of Rudy Gobert, #27

Donated by Prairie Schooner, $40 Gift Certificate

Family (2 adults & 2 children)

Donated by Simply Sweet Kids
Child's TuTu

Butterfly Wand

Frozen Necklace and Bracelet

Donated by TreeBee
Yellow Checked Purse

Donated by Classical Strings, Grover Wilhelmsen
Peak portable music stand with bag, all metal

Donated by Stylish Fabrics Quilt Shop, Logan
Fleece Blanket

Anonymous Donation
Full size quilt, emerald green

Donated by Sharin' Joy, Sharrie McClelland
Mother-of-Pearl Necklace and Earrings

Flower Egg-shaped Bead Necklace and Earrings

Heart-shaped bead Necklace and Earrings

25 March 2016

Baskets and Silent Auction


Just wanted to keep the energy flowing for the fundraiser. I know it's a busy time, but if you can take a minute and think through this, it will make my job a lot easier!

All silent auction and basket items are being stored at my house, so you can bring them tomorrow. So far, most items have been collected by board members, and we are not eligible for the $100 prize! I think I have 5 items that have been collected for the silent auction by students. Your odds are really high for winning the $100 prize, but I'd like to see more competition!

I have created a blog post with pictures of auction items which I will update with additional items as they come in. It's on the website. Here is the link. I will try and keep this updated, but there are already items that need to be added, so keep checking back! Eventually I'll also add basket collections... :)

Reminder for baskets. Here is a list including items that have been donated for each basket. If there is nothing under a specific section I have not received anything for that basket yet. If it's a perishable food item, please hold off and bring it on April 9th, if possible (but I don't mind knowing ahead of time what you are bringing).
Chamber Orchestra: 
Violin 1 and Viola -- Chocolate Lovers
Violin 2, Cello and Bass -- Movie Night 
Youth Symphony: 
Violin 1 -- Camping and Outdoors
Corn Popper for Campfire, Stovetop or Fireplace
Storm-proof matches
Insulated folding picnic basket, hot pink!
Violin 2 (odd folder #s) -- Game Night
Violin 2 (even folder #s) -- Summer Fun
Water Balloon Kit
Sidewalk Chalk (x2)
Extra Large Beach Tote
Shark Beach Ball
Viola & Bass -- Man Cave
Cello -- Kitchen
Woodwinds -- Salon "Pamper Me"
Brass & Percussion -- Disney
So, as you can see, we are in need of massive participation! We had so much fun with the drawing, right? :)

Thanks to everyone that has sold tickets. There are still over 100 seats available. Please support this effort if you can, and if people can't come, ask for a donation instead. That counts for the ticket sales contest as well!


PS We are also serving dinner at Box Elder High School to the Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra on May 20 when they come for tour. This will also be a fundraiser for our group. Please let me know if you are interested in helping.

If you have read this far, come tell me tomorrow so I can applaud you!

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19 March 2016

Abravanel Hall Recording

There are two versions. The WAV file is "lossless," so if you are going to burn a CD, use that one. The MP3 file is what you would use on your phone or ipod type player.


16 March 2016

Let's Keep the Energy Up!

The End is Not Yet:
Thank you for your wonderful energy and time on Monday! What a fun experience!

We are getting close to the end of our season, and we want our Finale to go off with a bang! I know we are all hoping for Spring Break, but there are too many schools with too many different Spring Breaks to take one. Your Spring Break can be April 30 (after the concert)! :)

Thank you for handing in your music! Only a couple people (who have stopped coming) have not turned in their music, and they have been contacted. Can I tell you how happy I am when all the music comes home! Bravo, all of you!

We have exactly 6 Saturday rehearsals before our final concert, which is fewer than usual! We will be getting all new music this Saturday. Be sure to communicate well about attendance. Here is the link to my favorite way for you to tell me (although you are always welcome to text or email).

New Music:
The hardest will be the Violin Concerto by Samuel Barber, performed by Megan Brasher. We will have the music for this Saturday; according to the tracking number, it will arrive tomorrow, so I will have it in the folders for you. Here is a link to a Youtube recording. 

We will also be learning the Prometheus Overture by Beethoven, and one other piece, which might be a surprise for all of us. (haha)

Please keep in mind that we might add a half hour to some of our last few rehearsals, but you will be informed via email if we do. It probably will depend on how much private practice is happening. 

Here is the schedule:

Saturday, March 19, Regular Rehearsal, 8:30-11:00

Saturday, March 26, Regular Rehearsal, 8:30-11:00

Saturday, April 2, Rehearsal, Adjusted Time, 8:00-10:00

Saturday, April 9, Regular Rehearsal, 8:30-11:00
Gala Fundraiser Dinner and Silent Auction 
6:00 pm, Brigham City Senior Center
Please Sell Tickets and turn in the money, and don't forget the Silent Auction Contest and your Basket Contribution.
Revisit the info at this link.

​Saturday, April 16, Regular Rehearsal, 8:30-11:00

Saturday, April 23, Regular Rehearsal, 8:30-11:00

Saturday, Thursday, April 28, Box Elder High School Auditorium
4:00-5:30, Dress Rehearsal​
5:30-6:30, Chamber Dress Rehearsal (while we eat dinner)
7:00-8:30, Season Finale Concert!

​End of Year Party:
We have not yet set the date for our end of year party. Please look at Saturdays in May and get back with me regarding potential conflicts.​

​Thanks everyone! That's it for now. :)
See ya Saturday.​

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13 March 2016

Agenda for Abravanel Hall -- And Turning In Music

I failed to tell you something important!!! 

Yesterday I needed to announce that ALL music folders will be collected after tomorrow's performance. If you do not use your folder on stage, you may hand it to me before going to the green room. Having all the music tomorrow will help me so much! Please be sure to bring your folders. If you have other music (not NUYS) in your folders, take it out of the folder tonight!

And here is the rest of the stuff, which is just repetition (you should already know this) but it has been combined between both hand-outs.

Ø  10.45 a.m. Begin loading bus @ Perry Walmart 1200 South Commerce Way; Use North East corner area of the parking lot.
There will be a vehicle there to load Basses and Cellos. This will give plenty of space for people on the bus. (Thanks, Valerie Neslen, for volunteering)

Ø  11:00 a.m. Leave Perry Walmart

Ø  11:15-11:20 a.m. Pick up students in Farr West at the
Park & Ride (@ 1850 W & 2700 N, across from Maverik)

Ø  11:30-11:35 a.m. Pick up students in Riverdale at the Park & Ride on the east side of the freeway north of 5600 S; official address, 5234 S Freeway Park Road, Roy 84405

Ø  12:15 p.m. Arrive to Abravanel Hall. (The morning session does not end until 12:30, so we cannot bring instruments in to Abravanel Hall yet. Carry small instruments with you to the mall; the vehicle with the large instruments will meet us at Abravanel Hall after we eat). We will go to the food court at City Creek. Either bring a lunch, or some money for food.
No wandering off; stay in the food court!

Be back to Abravanel Hall by 1:15 p.m. Our NUYS assigned seating is in rows 17 and 19; place instruments in seats in front of you, rows 16 and 18. Large Instrument cases go in the back, in row 34. Parents: rows are 28-30 are for spectators.

Ø  1:30 p.m. American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic (with Megan Brasher!)

Ø  2:00 p.m. Davis Youth Symphony
(This is when we warm up in the Green Room.)

Ø  2:30 p.m. Northern Utah Youth Symphony performance

Ø  3:00 p.m. Utah Youth Philharmonic
(This is when we have our group picture on the grand staircase.)
Bring $15 check or cash if you want to order an 8x10 picture. Make checks payable to Patrick Webster.

Ø  3:30 p.m. Utah Youth Symphony

Ø  4:00 p.m. Young Artist Chamber Players

Ø  4:30 p.m. Load the bus. Leave Salt Lake by 4:45 p.m.

Ø  5:30 p.m. Arrive at Riverdale Park & Ride

Ø  5:45 p.m. Arrive at Farr West Park & Ride

Ø  6:00 p.m. Arrive at Walmart

v  These times will depend on traffic and unforeseeable events, so we'll need to be flexible. Parents, please arrive for pick-up a few minutes early just in case, or keep in touch via cell phone.

Additional Notes:

Your job is to be the best audience you can be for the other orchestras. Stay in the auditorium and listen to the performances. No chatting. No electronic gadgets, please. Hear something you like? Write it down! Maybe we can play it sometime! We have been included with the very best youth orchestras in the state, because, well, look at us! I'm sure you will enjoy their music!


All performances are recorded. You want your recording to be great! Don't do anything that will affect the other recordings.


Clothing: Please be sure to wear the "uniform" of the orchestra. This includes a black suit coat, white shirt, and BLACK BOW TIE! Yes, men, I'm talking to you! :)

See you all tomorrow! 
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