19 February 2016

Ogden High Info

We had a question about Ogden High, and where to enter, etc. Here are some helpful hints, and a map:

The band room and auditorium are located on the south side of the school between 28th Street and 30th Street.  Closest access, but smaller parking area.
Patrons attending the concert can park on the south side if there is availability, along the front of the school in a unmarked loading zone (Harrison Blvd.) or on the north side in the faculty/visitor spots.  From the north side, patrons can walk through the courtyard and access the lower north doors to an auditorium entrance. There is also east side parking on the backside of the stadium and patrons can walk through the courtyard to the south side access.
There will be some signs.
The OHS band teacher will meet NUYS (all available bodies that can be there) at 10:30 to help load chairs, stands, percussion etc. to move to the stage.
Debra Francis & Julie Gardner
THANK YOU, OHS, for having us!

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