20 February 2016

NUYS Rocks!

Is that okay? To say Classical Music rocks? I hope so! Thanks for a great concert. I think when we play hard John Williams movie music we get all sorts of applause. What do you think?

Thanks for that Gliere music! Makes me so happy! It's all accounted for. I just can't tell you how relieved I am.

I owe several people a prize for perfect attendance on this last concert. Sorry I overlooked that little extra today. I know who you are, though, so I'll throw candy bars next Saturday.

Yes, we have rehearsal next week. Abravanel Hall is soon!

And here is the link to the proper handout that I should have printed today, but printed the wrong one. This one has the right info. 

I need your permission slips (bottom half, second page), so I know what you are doing that day, and whether or not you are riding the bus (or whether you are not sure). Please have them by next Saturday, Feb 27. 

Please make this happen. Print it off and fill it out and turn it in. Thanks! 

Have a great weekend. I love this group! You are all wonderful. :)



​T​he website is a ​searchable ​blog​ where​ ​a​ll group emails are posted​.​ Check it out...

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